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Historic and contemporary maps of Africa, including political and physical maps, pre-colonial and colonial maps, climate maps, relief maps, population density and distribution maps, vegetation maps, and economic/resource maps.

Post-WWI Africa, 1920
A political map of Africa in 1920 showing colonial possessions of the British, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Belgians, including the former German colonies, lost after WWI, per the Treaty of Versailles. The map shows major cities, rivers,...

Population Distributions in Africa, 1920
A map from 1920 of Africa and Madagascar showing the population distribution in the region, keyed to show densities ranging from under 2 persons per square mile to over 250 persons per square mile....

Africa, 1921
A map from 1921 of Africa showing the territorial changes made after World War I. "Map showing in red the mandatories for former German colonies and new boundaries of countries in Africa. Abandoned Boundaries crossed in red." — Depart...

Africa after WWI, 1921
Political map of Africa shortly after WWI showing boundary changes, including losses of German territory after the Treaty of Versailles. German Southwest Africa is shown as part of the Union of South Africa, and German East Africa is shown as Tangany...

European Possessions of Africa, 1922
A political map of Africa showing European possessions after WWI and the ceding of German possessions in accordance to the Treaty of Versailles. The inset map details the Cape Verde Islands and Senegal, Gambia, and Portuguese Guinea....

Sketch Map of Mid-Century Africa, Circa 1850
A map of Africa around the middle of the nineteenth century showing European interests on the continent prior to the Berlin Conference of 1885, which established their territorial claims. The majority of the continent was unexplored at this time, and...

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  Maps > Africa > A Complete Map of Africa
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