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A collection of historic maps of the American Civil War, including regional seats of the war, battle and campaign maps, and territories held by Confederate and Union forces.

Battle of Corinth, October 1862
A plan of the second Battle of Corinth (October 3–4, 1862), Mississippi in the American Civil War. The map shows Union and Confederate positions, the Memphis road, and the strategic railroads in the area....

Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864
A map of Middletown and Strasburg, Virginia and the surrounding region. Site of the Battle of Cedar Creek. Map shows October 19, 1864....

Battle of Perryville, October 8, October 8, 1862
A plan of the Battle of Perryville (Battle of Chaplin Hills), Kentucky, on October 8, 1862, at the end of the Confederate Heartland Offensive. The map shows the location of Perryville, the Chaplin River, Mackville Pike, Springfield Pike, Lebanon Pike...

Sharpsburg, September 17, 1862
A map of the vicinity of Sharpsburg, Maryland, site of the Battle of Antietam during the American Civil War (September 17, 1862). The map shows Union and Confederate troop positions over the course of the battle, Antietam Creek, and the Potomac River...

Battle of Iuka, September 19, 1862
A plan of the Battle of Iuka, Mississippi, on September 19, 1862, during the Iuka–Corinth Campaign of the American Civil War. The map shows the roads and railroad, the positions of Union General Rosecrans, and the positions and line of retreat ...

Winchester, September 19, 1864
A map of Winchester, Virginia and the surrounding region, site for the Battle of Opequon, also known as the Third Battle of Winchester. Map shows September 19, 1864....

Fisher's Hill, September 22, 1864
A map of the region surrounding Strasburg, Virginia. Site of the battle of Fisher's Hill from September 22, 1864....

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