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A collection of historic maps of the District of Columbia for use in the K-12 classroom.

District of Columbia, 1800
A map from 1872 of the District of Columbia showing the Potomac River, Washington City, Georgetown, and Alexandria around 1800....

Vicinity of Washington, 1814
A sketch map of Washington and the District of Columbia during the War of 1812 when British forces occupied and burned the public buildings in the city (August, 1814). The map shows the British advance on the city after the Battle of Bladensburg, and...

Ground Plan of the Capitol, 1825
A plan of the ground floor of the Capitol Building from 1825. The map is keyed to show: (A) House of Representatives, 96 feet radius; (B) Senate Chamber, 75 feet radius; (C) Central Rotunda, 96 feet in diameter; (D) Library, 92 x 34 feet; (E) Eastern...

District of Columbia, 1872
A map from 1872 of the District of Columbia showing the Potomac River, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Washington and Alexandria Canal, the Long Bridge across the Potomac, the Capitol, Washington City, Georgetown, Alexandria and neighboring towns, railroa...

Washington D.C., 1883
A map from 1883 of Washington D.C. and vicinity, showing roads, railways, the Potomac and bridges, and major landmarks....

Washington D.C., 1921
A city plan from 1921 of Washington D.C., "the capital of the United States of America, named for the first President of the republic, and located on a site chosen by him." — Foster, 1921. This map also shows the location of city's go...

Plan of the City of Washington, March 1792
A plan of the city of Washington from 1790. The lat/long figures on the map shows a longitude of 0° 0&quo; based on the Washington Prime Meridian passing through the Capitol. "This city was laid out by Peter Charles L'Enfant, who published h...



  Maps > United States > District of Columbia
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