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Maximum Stage of Lake Passiac,
A map showing the maximum stage of Lake Passaic. All outlets except that at Moggy Hollow were either blocked by ice or filled with drift.
Map of New Jersey,
Map of New Jersey.
Coast of New Jersey,
A map showing the sand reef, salt marsh, and coastal plain upland, coast of New Jersey.
Seat of War in New Jersey, 1776
A map showing the seat of the Revolutionary War in New Jersey.
Trenton in 1776, 1776
A map showing Trenton and the military forces there during 1776.
Fort Mercer, 1777
Fort Mercer, now in ruins, was a little above, at Red Bank on the New Jersey side, and little more than a mile distant from Fort Mifflin.
Battle of Monmouth, 1778
A map showing the area where the Battle of Monmouth was fought in 1778.
Battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778
A plan of the Battle of Monmouth, during the American Revolution.
Relief Map of New Jersey, 1872
Relief map of New Jersey. — Comprehensive Geography, 1872
New Jersey, 1891
A map of New Jersey in 1891.
New Jersey, 1906
Map of New Jersey in 1906.
New Jersey, 1912
A map of New Jersey in 1912.
New Jersey, 1919
A map of New Jersey, showing cities and railroad routes.
New Jersey, 1920
Map of New Jersey.
New Jersey, 1920
Physical map of the western part New Jersey.
New Jersey, 1920
The state of New Jersey.
New Jersey, Post World War I
Map of New Jersey.
New Jersey, 1922
Physical map of New Jersey.
Northeastern New Jersey, 1922
Northeastern counties of New Jersey.
 Maps > United States > New Jersey
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