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Language Arts 9-12

The Americas: A Picture Diagram in Inspiration: Students will gain knowledge of Native Americans through the use of Inspiration and Appleworks.

Bioethical Issues: Students will learn about bioethical issues through research on the Internet.

The Cost of Progress: Students will achieve a better understanding of the costs of progress through the development of an informative website.

Deconstructing a Text: Students use Inspiration software to find the main idea in a page of text.

GarageBand Orientation: Students will use GarageBand to create a one-minute song consisting of percussion instruments.

Graphing Linear Equations and Slopes: Students will use Grapher software to graph linear equations and slopes.

International Relations: Concept Mapping with Inspiration: Students will gain a better understanding of current events and reading material through concept mapping with Inspiration.

Introduction to Wellness: Students will use a graphic organizer to learn about health and wellness.

Irregular & Plural -ar Verbs: Students will use an online verb conjugation trainer to practice irregular and plural -ar verbs.

Literature Blog: Students will use a blog to post reflections on books they are reading.

Physics Wiki: Students use a wiki to communicate and share reflections on their physics class.

Pirate WANTED Poster: Students will investigate the character traits of a 17th and 18th century pirate.

Poetry Movies: Students will use a variety of technology applications to learn about the origin of selected poems including the poet, the poem's poetic devices, and analyze/describe poem's meaning.

Rhetorical Terms: Students will learn rhetorical terms by exploring online audio examples taken from public speeches, movies, songs, lectures, oral interpretations of literature and other media events

Store Design: Students will design their own stores through the use of multiple programs.

Urban Problems and Politics in 19th Century America: Students will learn about Urbanization and urban politics through a guided reading activity on their laptops.

Using Reading Strategies to Teach the Immune System: Students create presentations about the immune system using Inspiration software.

Veterans of Past American Wars Project: Students will understand the impact of war by interviewing a war veteran.

Visualizing Vocabulary: Students demonstrate their understanding of vocabulary terms through the use of a graphic organizer.

Voice of America: Students learn vocabulary and make sociological connections through the use of technology.

You Are What You Eat!: Students will learn about healthy dieting by evaluating information on a website.

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