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Social Studies 3-5

Checkbook: Students use a checkbook system in conjunction with their classroom behavior system to develop life skills.

Early Development of America: Students will learn about the early development of America and present their findings through a multimedia presentation.

Family Tree: Students will understand the cultural traditions and contributions of various societies by researching their family heritage.

Florida the Best WebQuest: Students will demonstrate that Florida is the Best State by creating a PowerPoint Presentation.

Florida Timeline: Students will learn about important events in Florida history by making a timeline of the 10 most important events.

Gettysburg Movie: Students will know the causes and important events of the Civil War by reading and depicting the Gettysburg Address.

Google Earth Virtual Vacation: Students will take a virtual vacation using Google Earth and then create a travel guide to share with others.

Independent Studies Movies: Students will choose a period of history to research and create a movie.

Inventors and their Inventions: Students will use an online resources to learn about inventors and their inventions and then create a presentation.

Personal Timeline: Students will create a timeline of their own lives.

State Research: Students will enhance and apply their knowledge of state information by using an active board and conducting research on the internet.

Tracking Armadillo's Journey: Students will use technology to track a character's journey.

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