Internet Safety

Student Sites

Doug Funny with Internet Safety Tips
Doug Funny and the rest of his friends share Internet safety tips for students.
Family Internet
Family Internet provides Internet safety tips for family members with links to watching what your children are doing, filtering, Internet use by children, etc.
FBI Parents Guide to Internet Safety
Important safety information for parents prepared from actual investigations involving child victims
I-SAFE has formed a collaborative partnership, with high profile companies, to implement the first Internet Safety Education Program throughout school districts nationwide.
Kidscom Internet Safety Game
A fun site that teaches kids about Internet safety
KIKS Quest
Online Education is essential in order to provide a Safe Internet experience for children and adults. KIKS Quest's main goals are to Educate the public, Monitor Internet Activities (i.e. stop the porn spam, monitor chat rooms etc.) and to change laws in order to benefit our children.
Net Family News
Information for students and family members about cyber security. The best way to help our kids have safe, constructive times online is for us to keep informed about this new environment and engaged in their online experiences.
The NetSmartz Workshop
Fun activities that teach children about the Internet
Play It Cyber Safe
While the Internet can be a unique educational and recreational resource for children, it's important that kids learn how to use this powerful tool safely and responsibly. The goal of this Web site is to empower children, parents and teachers to prevent cyber crime thorugh knowledge of the law, their rights and how to avod misuse of the Internet.
A child friendly site that provides safety guidelines for using the Web
US DOE Parent Guide to the Internet
A guide for parents about how to use the Internet safely
Web Wise Kids
Web Wise Kids is about empowering today's youth to make wise choices online.