Frankish Weapons, Including a Shield, Germanic Spear, Angon, Sword, Knife, and Short Axe

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A collection of weapons used by the Germanic tribe called the Franks. These are all of their most typically used weapons: a shield, a spear or Germanic spear, a Frankish spear or angon (this is similar to a short javelin), a sword, a knife, and a short axe for battling in close quarters. All of the weapons are standing vertically, except for the short axe, which lies horizontally, underneath the shield. The shield appears to be three-tiered.


Samuel Bannister Harding, Ph.D., Assisted by Margaret Snodgrass, A.M. The Story of Europe: From the Times of the Ancient Greeks to the Colonization of America, An Elementary History for the Sixth Grade, Based Upon the Report of the Committee of Eight to the American Historical Association (Chicago, IL: Scott, Foresman and Company, 1912) 130


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