Common Skunk

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“A fetid animal of the American genus Mephitis, M. mephitica... The animal inhabits all of temperate North America, and continues abundant in the most thickly settled regions. It is about as large as a house-cat, but stouter-bodied, with shorter limbs, and very long bushy tail, habitually erected or turned over the back. The color is black or blackish, conspicuously but to a variable extent set off with pure white- generally as a frontal stripe, a large crown-spot, a pair of broad divergent bands along the side of the back, and white hairs mixed with the black ones of the tail.” —Whitney, 1889


Mammals: S


William Dwight Whitney, PhD, LLD The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language (New York, NY: The Century Co., 1895) 5679


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