Eye Muscles

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“The external bones of the temple are supposed to be removed in order to render visible the muscular arrangements. The muscle, 1, raises the eye-lid, and is constantly in action while we are awake. During sleep, the muscle being in repose and relaxed, the eye-lid falls and protects the eye from the action of light. The muscle, 4, turns the eye upwards; 5, downwards; 6, outwards; and a corresponding one on the inside, not seen in the figure, turns it inwards. No. 2 and 10 turn the eye round its axis. No. 11 is the great optic nerve, which conveys the sensation to the brain. If this nerve were cut, notwithstanding the eye might be in other respects perfect, the sense of sight would be destroyed.” —Wells, 1857


David A. Wells The Science of Common Things; A Familiar Explanation of the First Principles of Physical Science262


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