Dissected Frog

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“Frog with the left side cut away and some of the organs pulled downward. a, aorta leading from the ventricle; b, bladder; c, spinal cord surrounded by the vertebral column of bone; d, small intestine; e, opening of the lungs into the pharynx; h, ventricle of the heart; k, kidney; l, lung; liv, liver; n, brain; ov, ovary; ovd, oviduct; p, pancreas; r, rectum; sp, spleen; st, stomach; t, tongue; si, small intestine; u, left auricle; ur, ureter; v, vena cava; vc, body of vertebra.” —Davison, 1906


Alvin Davison, Practical Zoology (New York: American Book Company, 1906) 209


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