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“Diagrams of stages in the metamorphosis of Polygordius, a primitive annelid. Ectoderm throughout is represented as nucleated without cell boundaries; the entoderm has the cell-boundaries shown, and the mesoderm is diagonally shaded. A, gastrula; B, same with blastopore closed; C and D represent formation of stomodaeum and proctodaeum from ectoderm; E, Trochosphere stage showing formation of segments in the posterior portion; F, adult (sagittal); G, adult (transverse). a, archenteron; bp., blostopore; br, brain; c, coelom; d, dorsal; di, dissepiments; m, mesenteron; pr., proctodaeum; s.c., segmentation cavity; st, stomodaeum; v.n., ventral nerve chain; z, zone of formation of nerve segments.” -Galloway, 1915




Thomas Walton Galloway Textbook of Zoology (Philadelphia, PA: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1915)


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