Mountain Quail

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“Orortyx picta. Plumed Partridge. Mountain Quail. Back, wings and tail olive-brown, the inner secondaries and tertiaries bordered with whitish or tawny, forming a lengthwise border in single line when the wings are folded; the primaries fuscous, the tail-feathers fuscous, minutely marbled with the color of the back. Fore-parts, above and below, slaty-blue (above more or less glossed with olive shade of the back, below minutely marbled with black); the throat chestnut, immediately bordered laterally with black, then framed in the firm white line, broken through the eye, reappearing around base of under mandible. Extreme forehead whitish, The arrow-plumes black. Belly chestnut, the sides banded with broad bars of black and white, or rufous-white; middle of the lower belly, tibia, and flanks, whitish or rufous; crissum velvety-black, streaked with chestnut. Bill dusky, paler below; feet brown.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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