Gambel's Partridge

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“Lophortyx gambeli. Gambel’s Partridge. Arizona Quail. Male: Without white loral line; forehead black with whitish lines; occiput chestnut; nuchal and cervical feathers with dark shaft lines, but few dark edgings or none, and no white specking. General color of upper parts clear ash, the edging of the inner quills white. Fore-breast like the back; other under parts whitish, the middle of the belly with a large jet-black patch; sides rich purplish-chestnut, with sharp white stripes; vent, flanks and crissum white with dusky streaks. Bill black, iris brown. Besides lacking the definite head-markings, the female wants the black abdominal area, where the feathers are whitish with dark lengthwise touches; crest dark brown, not recurved, and fewer-feathered than that of a cock. Top of had grayish-brown, nearly uniform from bill to nape; throat grayish-white with slight dark pencilling.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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