Drawing Process in the Manufacturing of Jute

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After the carding process in the manufacturing of jute is completed, the jute is taken into the drawing frames, whose function is to draw out the sliver, by means of rollers, to a smaller size, and to straighten or comb the fiber, so as to make it spin into a strong and level thread. Four of the slivers from the finisher cards are put through he first drawing frame, and are discharged by it in one small sliver. Two of these slivers are hen put through a second and finer drawing frame, and further combed and drawn out into one end. The cans of slivers are then taken to the roving frames to continue the manufacturing process.


John H. Finley ed. Nelson's Perpetual Loose-Leaf Encyclopaedia (vol. 7) (New York, NY: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1917) 47


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