How Sammy Went to Coral-Land

by Emily Paret Atwater

How Sammy Went to Coral-Land

How Sammy Went to Coral-Land is a children’s short story about a salmon named Sammy who has grand adventures when he swims to Coral-Land alone. The story deals with bravery, danger, and finding out what you want is right in front of you.

Source: Atwater, E.P. (1920). How Sammy Went to Coral-Land. Philadelphia: George W. Jacobs and Co.

Grandma and the children are at the beach. She agrees to tell the children a “true” story.
Chapter 1
The author talks about Sammy, a salmon, Aunt Sheen, the oldest and largest fish, and several other varieties of fish in the water. Aunt Sheen warns Sammy not to swim alone, but to travel in a pack of other fish. Sammy disobeys her and swims off looking for adventure. He continues on away from the river and into the ocean.
Chapter 2
Sammy begins to notice the different types of aquatic animals around him. Suddenly he is spied by a large shark. He is chased until he is able to hide in a rock formation. There, he meets a hermit crab.
Chapter 3
Sammy’s instinct told him that the hermit crab wants him for dinner and excuses himself. Sammy meets a starfish named Meteor and agrees to go to Coral-Land with the pilot fish.
Chapter 4
The readers learn some interesting information about pilot fish and sharks. Soon, Sammy and the pilot fish see some flying fish and swim away from a swordfish.
Chapter 5
Sammy arrives at Coral-Land. The readers learn intersting facts about anemones. Sammy, too, learns the wonders and the mysteries of Coral-Land. Upon learning this, he joins a school of salmon and swims home.
  • Year Published: 1920
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 9.0
  • Word Count: 13,859
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Keywords: adventure, imagination
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