A Lincoln Anthology


A Lincoln Anthology

Abraham Lincoln lived and served during a time of conflict and change. This collection brings together a few interesting depictions of the sixteenth president of the United States as a leader and a person.

Source: This book was compiled by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology and includes passages from multiple sources. Please refer to the passage pages for further source information.

An Autobiographical Sketch by Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln enjoyed telling stories of his youth and early manhood, but he wrote very little about himself. The following is the longest statement he has set down anywhere about his own life. And he did this only at the earnest request of a fellow citizen in Illinois, Mr. Fell.
The Boy’s Life of Lincoln
A short biographical sketch of Abe Lincoln.
The Gettysburg Address
Speech given by Abraham Lincoln on November 19, 1863 at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln, Washington, D.C., April 14, 1876
Frederick Douglass speaks at the unveiling of the Lincoln Monument (now known as the Emancipation Memorial) in Washington, D.C., April 14, 1876. The monument was paid for solely with funds donated from freed slaves.
  • Year Published: 2012
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 9.4
  • Word Count: 6,662
  • Genre: History
  • Keywords: american history, civil war, devotion to duty, freedom, heroes, honor, memorial, patriotism, presidents, unity
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