Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) was an Irish playwright, novelist, poet, short story writer and Freemason. Known for his barbed and clever wit, he was one of the most successful playwrights of late Victorian London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day.

  • Nationality: Irish
  • Birth Date: 16 Oct 1854
  • Death Date: 30 Nov 1900
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Available Works

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890)
The Picture of Dorian Gray is a suspense novel by Oscar Wilde, narrating the tale of Dorian Gray, and his mysterious life.

Individual Passages

The Ballad of Reading Gaol
A poetic narrative describing Oscar Wilde's experiences in the Reading Gaol.
It is full winter now: the trees are bare,
The lily's withered chalice falls around its rod of dusty gold,
Le Jardin Des Tuileries
This winter air is keen and cold, and keen and cold this winter sun,