Selected American and British Poems



by Oscar Wilde
Additional Information
  • Year Published: 1882
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: Ireland
  • Source: , (: , 1882)
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 10.0
  • Word Count: 162
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Keywords: nature
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Le Jardin

The lily's withered chalice falls
Around its rod of dusty gold,
And from the beeeh trees on the wold
The last wood-pigeon coos and calls.

The gaudy leonine sunflower
Hangs black and barren on its stalk,
And down the windy garden walk
The dead leaves scatter,- hour by hour.

Pale privet-petals white as milk
Are blown into a snowy mass;
The roses lie upon the grass,
Like little shreds of crimson silk.


La Mer

A white mist drifts across the shrouds,
A wild moon in this wintry sky
Gleams like an angry lion's eye
Out of a mane of tawny clouds.

The muffled steersman at the wheel
Is but a shadow in the gloom;-
And in the throbbing engine room
Leap the long rods of polished steel.

The shattered storm has left its trace
Upon this huge and heaving dome,
For the thin threads of yellow foam
Float on the waves like ravelled lace.