Kirk Munroe

Kirk Munroe

Kirk Munroe was an American author who wrote books of adventure for children. Born in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, he became familiar with Native American culture while working for the railroad in the West. Munroe later lived in Florida, the setting for many of his stories. Kirk Munroe Park in Miami is named for him.

  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Date: 15 Sept 1850
  • Death Date: 16 June 1930
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Available Works

Wakulla, A Story of Adventure in Florida (1886)
Mark and Ruth’s parents sell their plantation and move to Florida. The children have many adventures in their new home state.
The Flamingo Feather (1887)
When Rene De Veaux’s parents die he goes to live with his uncle, who happens to be setting out on an exploration of the new world.
Canoemates: A Story of the Florida Reef and Everglades (1892)
Canoemates: A Story of the Florida Reef and Everglades is a story about young boys who cruise through the Florida Everglades in search of adventure in the late 1800s.

Individual Passages

Alligator Hunting with Seminoles
An experience of hunting with Seminole Indians in Florida