Canoemates: A Story of the Florida Reef and Everglades

by Kirk Munroe

Canoemates: A Story of the Florida Reef and Everglades

Canoemates: A Story of the Florida Reef and Everglades is a story about young boys who cruise through the Florida Everglades in search of adventure in the late 1800s.

Source: Munroe, K. (1892). Canoemates: A Story of the Florida Reef and Everglades. New York, NY: Harper & Brothers.

Chapter I: “In the Far South”
The Rankin family is introduced, as well as the situation they face living in the Keys.
Chapter II: “Three Canoes, and the Fate of One”
Sumner and Mr. Manton begin to understand one another. There is a crisis with one of the canoes, which Sumner tries to remedy.
Chapter III: “Sumner Receives a Second Offer”
Sumner and the Mantons strike up a friendship because of the incident involving the schooner.
Chapter IV: “Teaching a Thief a Lesson”
Sumner and his mother agree to the plan. In the middle of the night, Sumner persues a stranger.
Chapter V: “The Great Florida Reef”
The author describes the canoe. Sumner and his companion, Worth, attempt to catch fish.
Chapter VI: “Pineapples and Sponges”
After fishing, Sumner and Worth go ashore to rest until morning. After breakfast, they were again on their way.
Chapter VII: “Mysterious Disappearance of the Canoes”
Upon returning from their exploration, the boys discover the canoes missing. Sumner decides to shoot a racoon.
Chapter VIII: “Life on the Lonely Island”
Deserted on the island, the boys make do and try to come up with a plan.
Chapter IX: “The Nocturnal Visitor”
Worth is sure that someone has tried to pull his gun away during the night. Sumner goes to investigate.
Chapter X: “Whose Are They? And Where Did They Come From?”
Sumner confronts Quorum, who confesses to trying to take the gun but says he knows nothing of the disappearing canoes.
Chapter XI: “Sumner Drifts Away on a Raft ”
While Quorum set out traps for the racoons, Worth and Sumner build a raft. Sumner takes off on the raft.
Chapter XII: “Picked up in the Gulf Stream”
Sumner continues to drift into the Gulf. He is reunited with his mother and discovers the answer to the missing canoes.
Chapter XIII: “A Mystery of the Reef”
Sumner tells Lieutenant Carey and his mother about Quorum and Worth.
Chapter XIV: “Worth and Quorom are Missing”
Sumner and the schooner head towards the deserted island. Once ashore, Sumner tries to locate Worth and Quorum.
Chapter XV: “Worth and Quorom in Search of Sumner”
Worth and Quorum seach for the missing Sumner.
Chapter XVI: “A Night in Alligator Light”
Assistant Keeper Albury explains to Quorum and Worth about the missing canoes. Quorum and Worth are rescued by Sumner.
Chapter XVII: “An Entertainment on the Key”
Everyone celebrated the return of Quorum and the boys. A feast and entertainment were planned.
Chapter XVIII: “Off for the Everglades”
The boys try their hand at fishing and discover a mysterious sloop.
Chapter XIX: “The Canoes Are Again Lost, and Again Found”
The canoes are lost — and found. Sumner finds out the identity of the voice from the sloop.
Chapter XX: “The Psyche as a Life-Boat”
Sumner attempts a rescue of Rust Norris, putting his own life at risk in the process.
Chapter XXI: “Sumner’s Self-Sacrifice”
Sumner struggles to save himself. Rust reveals the circumstances of his stranding and broken arm.
Chapter XXII: “Good-Bye to the Transit”
The ships are repaired and preparations are made for the travels through the Everglades.
Chapter XXIII: “Worth Meets a Panther”
Worth learns about alligators and panthers.
Chapter XXIV: “Rattlesnakes and Rifle-Shots”
There is fear brought on by snakes and mysterious gunshots. The men set up camp.
Chapter XXV: “Worth’s Lonely Night-Watch”
The men take turns keeping watch overnight before attempting entrance into the glades again. The lieutenant makes an interesting discovery.
Chapter XXVI: “The Florida Everglades”
The source of the gunshots is revealed. Quorum cooks up a feast. They make their way towards a smoking hill.
Chapter XXVII: “A Prehistoric Everglade Mound”
They search for the source of the smoke. Quorum and the boats suddenly disappear, leaving the rest to wonder who is responsible.
Chapter XXVIII: “What Became of Quorum and the Canoes”
Quorum's experience of events is revealed.
Chapter XXIX: “A Very Serious Predicament”
The men are not nearly as happy as Quorum. They struggle with making a plan of action, discussing the perils of adventuring.
Chapter XXX: “Quorum as an Ambassador”
Quorum returns to the camp. The travelers and the Indians come to an agreement.
Chapter XXXI: “A Closely Guarded Camp”
The construction of the Indian canoes is explained. The Lieutenant is unhappy to learn the limitations of their agreement with the Indians.
Chapter XXXII: “Crossing the ‘Glade Without Seeing Them”
Their journey across the Glades continues in the same way. They discuss their disappointment that they haven't seen anything of the native Indians' way of life.
Chapter XXXIII: “An Adventurous Deer-Hunt”
The lack of provisions sends the boys on a hunt for deer or wild turkey. They are suprised by a fire.
Chapter XXXIV: “Hemmed in by a Forest Fire”
Sumner and Worth struggle to escape the fire, but are confused by the dense smoke. They finally find assistance in the form of Ul-we.
Chapter XXXV: “The Boys in a Seminole Camp”
Ul-we takes the boys back to the Seminole camp, where they are cared for until they are able to return to their own party.
Chapter XXXVI: “One of the Rarest Animals in the World”
The party makes it to the coast, where they meet a mail-carrier.
Chapter XXXVII: “Fishing for Sharks”
The boys learn a lesson about shark fishing. The group meets up with the keeper of the house of refuge and his dog.
Chapter XXXVIII: “Little Ko-Wik-A Sails out to Sea”
The group undertakes the journey to Cape Florida, but faces a storm. Sumner finds himself attempting another daring rescue.
Chapter XXXIX: “A Black Squall and the Stranded Streamer”
Sumner manages to catch up to the other canoe, but finds himself and Ko-wik-a too far out to sea.
Chapter XL: “The Happy Ending of the Cruise”
All are reunited to make happy plans for the future. Sumner realizes the errors of his thinking.
  • Year Published: 1892
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 9.5
  • Word Count: 71,469
  • Genre: Adventure
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