Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe was an was an American abolitionist and novelist best known for her novel Uncle Tom's Cabin.

  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Date: 14 June 1811
  • Death Date: 1 July 1896
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Individual Passages

The editor/author of the book discusses the impact of the original book, the impact it had on the institution of slavery, and the significant contributions of its author, Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Chapter 1: Uncle Tom and Little Harry are Sold
The reader is introduced to Mr. Shelby, Uncle Tom, and Aunt Chloe. Mr. Shelby's money problems create an unfortunate situation for Uncle Tom and Eliza.
Chapter 2: Eliza Runs Away With Little Harry
After overhearing a conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Shelby, Eliza decides to take action to save Harry. Uncle Tom is told of his fate.
Chapter 3: The Morning After
Having discovered that Eliza and Harry have run away, Mr. Shelby offers assistance to Mr. Haley.
Chapter 4: The Chase
Eliza puts herself in danger to avoid capture. Sam and Andy return to the Shelby home with good news.
Chapter 5: Eliza Finds a Refuge
Eliza tells her story to a kind couple and is given assistance.
Chapter 6: Uncle Tom Says Good-Bye
Mr. Haley arrives to take Tom.
Chapter 7: Master George and Uncle Tom
Master George says his goodbye's to Uncle Tom.
Chapter 8: Uncle Tom Meets Eva
While traveling with Mr. Haley, Uncle Tom encounters Evangeline St. Clare. An act of kindness by Tom does not go unnoticed.
Chapter 9: Eliza Among the Quakers
Eliza, continuing on her journey to Canada, receives some assistance from the Quakers. Eliza receives news regarding her husband, George.
Chapter 10: Uncle Tom's New Home
The various members of the St. Clare family are introduced to the reader.
Chapter 11: Uncle Tom's Letter
Uncle Tom quickly earns the trust of Mr. St. Clare. Eva assists Uncle Tom in writing a letter to his family.
Chapter 12: Aunt Chloe Goes To Louisville
Aunt Chloe approaches Mrs. Shelby with a plan to get Uncle Tom back.
Chapter 13: George Fights For Freedom
George and Eliza are pursued by Haley's men. An injured Tom Loker is taken under the care of the Quakers and George.
Chapter 14: Aunt Dinah
Cousin Ophelia attempts to change Aunt Dinah.
Chapter 15: Topsy
Mr. St. Clare brings a pupil for Cousin Ophelia to teach.
Chapter 16: Eva and Topsy
Eva, having fallen ill, makes a request of her father and Topsy.
Chapter 17: Eva's Last Good-Bye
Eva gives a gift to all the slaves before passing. Mr. St. Clare stays true to his word regarding Tom's freedom. Ophelia makes a request of Mr. St. Clare. Another tragedy strikes the St. Clare household.
Chapter 18: Uncle Tom's New Master
With Mr. St. Clare gone, Mrs. St. Clare makes a decision about the slaves. Tom's hopes for finding a new, kind master are gone after meeting Simon Legree.
Chapter 19: George and Eliza Find Freedom
Tom Loker, having recovered his wounds, gives assistance to George and Eliza as they continue towards Canada.
Chapter 20: Uncle Tom Finds Freedom
Master George sets out to find Uncle Tom, having learned of his being sold from Ophelia's letter, but is to late to do any good.
Chapter 21: George Shelby Frees His Slaves
After returning to the Shelby home, Master George sets his slaves free.
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