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Historic and contemporary maps of Norway for use in the K-12 classroom.

Geological Map of Norway, 1911
A map showing the geological makeup of Norway. ...

Southern Norway, 1911
A map of southern Norway. ...

Christiania, Norway, 1914
A map of Christiania (former name of Oslo), Norway, and vicinity in 1914. This map shows Christiania Fjord and islands, neighboring cities and towns, railways, major roads, rivers, coastal features, and terrain of the area....

Christiania, 1919
A map of the area around Oslo in 1919, formerly known as Christiana. This map shows the waterway from Skagerrak and Bohus Bay along the Christiania Fiord to Christiania, the Hudrum and Noesod peninsulas, neighboring cities, railways, rivers, lakes an...



  Maps > Europe > Norway
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