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Mathematics 3-5

Body Length Experiment: Students will make graphs that compare the length of your students' bones to the length of their bodies.

Checkbook: Students use a checkbook system in conjunction with their classroom behavior system to develop life skills.

Classmate Grid: Students will use a coordinate grid using information about their classmates.

Classmate Pictograph: Students will make a pictograph using information about their classmates.

Ecosystems: Students will solve a problem by generating, collecting, organizing, displaying, and analyzing data using a bar graph.

Graphing Progress: Students will use a spreadsheet program to graph their progress for the year.

Luxury Hotel: Students will understand concrete and symbolic representations of fractions in real-world situations by designing a piece of property using specific fractions.

Perimeter: Students will measure the perimeter of a square by using a pipe cleaner.

Pulse Rates: Students will analyze real-world data to recognize patterns and relationships by compare data on graphs generated by a computer.

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   ETC > NSA Home > Mathematics 3-5