Lateral section of the chest

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A, a muscle which aids in pushing the food down the esophagus; B, esophagus; C, section of the right bronchus; D, two right pulmonary veins; E, great azygos vein crossing the esophagus to empty into the superior vena cava, F, thoracic duct; H, thoracic aorta; K, lower portion of the esophagus passing through the diaphragm; L, diaphragm as it appears in sectional view, enveloping the heart; M, inferior vena cava, passing through the diaphragm and emptying into the right auricle; N, right auricle; O, section of the right branch of the pulminary artery; P, aorta; R, superior vena cava; S, trachea.” — Blaisedell, 1904


Albert F. Blaisedell Our bodies and How We Live (Boston: Ginn &, 1904) 135


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