Human Eye

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This diagram shows a side view of the right eye of man. a.c., central artery; a.h., aqueous humor; b., blind spot, the entrance of the optic nerve; c, conjunctiva; ch., choroid layer of the eye-ball; c.l., crystalline lens; c.m.c., circular fibers of the ciliary muscles; c.m.r., radial fibers of the ciliary muscles; co., cornea, the transparent portion of the sclerotic; c.p., ciliary process; c.s., canal of Schlemm, a lymphatic vessel; fo., fovea centralis, the point of clearest vision; o.n., optic nerve; o.s., ora serrata, the anterior wavy margin of the visual portion of the retina; r, the retinal layer; sc., sclerotic layer; sh., sheath of theoptic nerve; v.h., vitreous humor.


Thomas Walton Galloway, Zoology A Text-Book For Secondary Schools, Normal Schools and Colleges (Philadelphia: P. Plakiston's Son & Co., 1913) 352


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