Vertebrate Eye

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“Diagrams illustrating two stages in the development of the vertebrate eye. A, showing the relation of the ectoderm, the brain vesicle, and the optic vesicle. The right side of the figure shows a later stage than the left. B, later stage, showing the lens, eye-ball and retina in position. b.v., brain vesicle formed by the invagination oof the ectoderm (ect.); l, lens; mes., mesodermal tissue; o.n., optic nerve; o.s., optic stalk; o.v., optic vesicle, a portion of the brain vesicle; r, retinal layer; v.h., interior of eye-ball which comes to contain the vitreous humor.” — Galloway


Thomas Walton Galloway, Zoology A Text-Book For Secondary Schools, Normal Schools and Colleges (Philadelphia: P. Plakiston's Son & Co., 1913) 79


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