Dog Skull

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“Longitudinal and Vertical section of the skull of a dog, with mandible and hyoid arch. an, anterior narial aperture; MT, maxillo-turbinal bone; ET, the ethmo-turbinal; Fr, frontal; Pa, pariental; IP, interparietal; SO, supra-occipital; ExO, sphenoid; OS, orbito-sphenoid; PS, presphenoid; Pl, palatine; Vo, vomer; Mx, maxilla; PMx, premaxilla; sh, stylo-hyal; eh, epi-hyal; ch, cerato-hyal; bh, basihyal; th, thyro-hyal; s, symphysis of mandible; cp, coronoid process; cd, condyle; a, angle; id, inferior dental canal. The mandible is displaced downwards, to show its entire form; the * indicated the part of the cranium to which the condyle is articulated.” —The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1903


The Encyclopedia Britannica, New Warner Edition (New York, NY: The Werner Company, 1893)


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