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Everglades National Park: The process of executing a massive habitat restoration project in the Everglades called, "Hole-In-The-Donut" is shown. Acres of the nonnative species Brazilian pepper are effectively removed to allow native species to once again flourish.

Everglades - Glades Glimpse, Invasive Species, National Park Service Projects & Programs, Natural Resource Conservation, Environment Restoration, Everglades National Park
brazilian pepper, conservation, environmentalism, everglades, exotic species, florida, florida holly, habitat restoration, hole-in-the-donut, invasive species, national park, native species, nonnative species, restoration
Date of Video
January 31, 2007
Video Location
Everglades National Park, Homestead, FL
25°19'0"N × 80°56'0"W
Courtesy of the National Park Service. For a large collection of audio and video podcast episodes on many classroom topics, visit the National Park Service on iTunes U.
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