The Moving Picture Girls Under the Palms or Lost in the Wilds of Florida

by Laura Lee Hope

The Moving Picture Girls Under the Palms or Lost in the Wilds of Florida

The Moving Picture Girls Under the Palms or Lost in the Wilds of Florida is a story of adventure following the DeVere girls on a journey through the Florida Swamps while filming a movie.

Source: Hope, L. L. (1914). The Moving Picture Girls Under the Palms or Lost in the Wilds of Florida.New York: Grosset & Dunlap.

Chapter 1: Overboard
The film troupe departs New York for Florida. A member of the cast finds himself in serious need of assistance.
Chapter 2: To the Rescue
The reader is introduced to the previous adventures of the DeVere girls. Mr. Towne is helped by the DeVere girls.
Chapter 3: A Disquieting Item
Mr. Towne protests the filming of the accident. A newspaper article catches Alice’s eye.
Chapter 4: Fire On Board
Alice and Ruth ponder the identities of the two missing girls. An incident on the ship has the passengers preparing to load the lifeboats.
Chapter 5: Disabled
The evacuation is halted, but the Captain’s assessment of the ship is not good.
Chapter 6: By Wireless
Contact is made with a second ship as the situation continues to decline.
Chapter 7: In Port
The passengers of The Tarsus load into the life boats as the fire continues to rage. Help finally arrives.
Chapter 8: St. Augustine
The DeVere sisters, Russ, and Paul take a look around.
Chapter 9: In the Dungeon
The troupe finds refreshment in the Fountain of Youth. Alice is startled as the explores city alone.
Chapter 10: The Motor Races
Jake's story is told to Alice. Alice and Ruth take part in a motor race.
Chapter 11: To Lake Kissimmee
The race concludes with a big splash. News of the next destination worries the Ruth and Alice.
Chapter 12: A Warning
The actors meet some of the local residents. Alice and Ruth are discouraged from exploring.
Chapter 13: Out in the Boat
Alice and Ruth get more information about the missing girls.
Chapter 14: Under the Palms
Shooting commences on The Magnolia.
Chapter 15: In Peril
Mr. Dunn finds himself in real danger as the movie continues filming.
Chapter 16: A Strange Attack
After a struggle, Mr. Dunn is finally rescued. The troupe encounters a strange animal while traveling downstream.
Chapter 17: Out of a Tree
After a brief tangle with a manatee, the boat frees itself.
Chapter 18: The Animated Logs
A hunter arrives just in time. The troupe finally encounters alligators.
Chapter 19: Into the Wilds
Mr. Pertell films his first alligator hunt. The hunter cautions the troupe from going any deeper into the swamp.
Chapter 20: Lost
The troupe continues filming, but soon find they have strayed off-course.
Chapter 21: The Long Night
The troupe assesses the situation and prepares for much need rest. A distant cry startles Alice and Ruth.
Chapter 22: Ashore
Night passes slowly into day as the troupe wait safely offshore until sunrise.
Chapter 23: The Palm Hut
The troupe re-boards the craft in search of The Magnolia. A turn down the creek leads to a discovery.
Chapter 24: The Lost are Found
The group approaches the hut, hoping it's occupants will be able guide them out of the swamp. Alice and Ruth are surprised by the arrival of two acquaintances.
Chapter 25: Out of the Wilds
The missing girls and the film troupe share the stories of their adventures. The group is reunited with The Magnolia.
  • Year Published: 1914
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 5.4
  • Word Count: 47,321
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Keywords: florida stories, the moving picture girls under the palms
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