The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a dramatized account of the betrayal of the the Roman Emperor.

Source: White, R.G. ed. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. New York: Sully and Kleinteich.

Act 1, Scene 1
Flavius and Murellus downplay the accomplishments of Julius Caesar as they scold the local commoners.
Act 1, Scene 2
Caesar receives a warning. Cassius and Brutus discuss Caesar. Cassius devises a plan to sway Brutus.
Act 1, Scene 3
Casca and Cicero discuss the strange occurrences of late. Casca informs Cassius of the senate's plans. Cassius tells Casca of his scheme to sway Brutus.
Act 2, Scene 1
Brutus fears that power will change Caesar. Brutus receives a letter. Cassius pays a visit to Brutus accompanied by men of a common goal.
Act 2, Scene 2
Calpurnia makes a request of Caesar after having an unsettling dream. Decius confides a secret in Caesar.
Act 2, Scene 3
Artemidorus waits for Caesar.
Act 2, Scene 4
Portia sends a servent to the Senate before talking with the Soothsayer.
Act 3, Scene 1
Caesar dismisses Artemidorus' warning. The plot is carried out as Antony flees. Antony sends a message to Brutus. Cassius continues to doubt the loyalty of Antony as Caesar's funeral approaches. Antony sends a warning to Octavius.
Act 3, Scene 2
Brutus makes a speech to the crowd explaining his actions. After Brutus departs, Antony gives the funeral oration for Caesar. Octavius' servant brings news to Antony.
Act 3, Scene 3
Cinna the poet is the victim of mistaken identity.
Act 4, Scene 1
Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus gather to discuss the fates of the conspirators. Anthony harbors doubts about his fellow Roman. Octavius and Antony discuss the impending confrontation with Brutus and Cassius.
Act 4, Scene 2
Angered by the condemnation of a friend, Cassius arrives to speak with Brutus.
Act 4, Scene 3
Brutus and Cassius' allegiance is tested. Brutus receives a message from Messala. As Cassius marches his troops into battle, Brutus is visited by an unexpected guest.
Act 5, Scene 1
Octavius and Antony confront Brutus and Cassius as they prepare for battle. Cassius is affected by some recent bad omens. Brutus and Cassius ponder the possible outcomes of the battle.
Act 5, Scene 2
Brutus, perceiving a weakness in Octavius' army, sends a message to Cassius.
Act 5, Scene 3
Cassius, believing Brutus has been captured, asks a favor of Pindarus. Brutus continues to fight Antony and Octavius.
Act 5, Scene 4
Brutus prepares for another battle with Antony and Octavius. Antony sends men to verify whether Brutus is alive.
Act 5, Scene 5
Brutus orders his men to retreat before asking a final favor of one of his soldiers. Upon discovering Brutus, Antony speaks of Brutus' virtues and makes a decision in regards to the fate of his men.
  • Year Published: 1623
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: England
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 11.0
  • Word Count: 21,799
  • Genre: Tragedy
  • Keywords: envy, fate, free will, power
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