Axial Skeleton

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“Fig 56 - Axial skeleton, minus the skull, of an owl, Asio wilsonianus, life size; from nature by Dr. R.W. Shufeldt, USA. at, atlas; ax,axis; cv, cervical vertebrae; c, c’, cervical ribs, or free pleurapophyses; dv, dorsal vertebrae, excepting the last one, which joins the sacrum; R, two of the six true ribs (pleurapophyses), whereof sr is sacral; u, one of the five uncinate processes or epipleura; cr, two of the six sternal ribs(haemapophyses), whereof the sixth floats; p, pelvic or sacral region of the spine, comprehending one dorsal, and several lumbar, sacral proper, and urosacral vertebrae; I ilium; Is, ischium; P pubis; a, acetabulum; in, ischio-iliac foremen; o, obturator foramen; clv, caudal or coccygeal vertebrae, whereof py is the pygostyle; s, scapula; ohs, os humero-scapulare; cl, clavicle; C, coracoid; S, sternum.” Elliot Coues, 1884


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