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Jungle-fowl is a general name given to the members of the genus Gallus. The red jungle-fowl, G. jerrugineus, is the origin of the domesticated breeds of poultry. It inhabits India, Farther India, Sumatra, the Philippines, Celebes, and Timor, and strongly resembles the ‘black-breasted game’ variety of domesticated birds, with its fine orange or purplish-red upper surface, and greenish-black wings, tail, and under surface. Though excessively pugnacious in the wild state, polygamy is stated to be then rare. Three other species of jungle-fowl are known: the gray jungle-fowl of S. Central, and W. India (G. Sonnerati), G. Lafayettii of Ceylon, and G. varius of Java, Lombok, and Flores; but all these are stated to be sterile when mated with the common fowl.


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