The Game of Logic

by Lewis Carroll

The Game of Logic

Lewis Carroll's Game of Logic is a way to understand classical logic by means of symbols.

Source: Carroll, Lewis. (1886). The Game of Logic.

To My Child-Friend
An introduction by the other to the reader.
The preface to the book.
Chapter 1, Part 1
The author explains the three kinds of propositions that will be used in the game.
Chapter 1, Part 2
The author discusses the Universe of Things and the set of things called a syllogism.
Chapter 1, Part 3
The author explains the use of logic and explains the fallacies associated with logic.
Chapter 2
The author poses several questions to the reader.
Chapter 3
The authors gives the answers to his many questions.
Chapter 4
The author gives the reader several random logic puzzles to decipher.
  • Year Published: 1886
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 11.0
  • Word Count: 37,023
  • Genre: Informational
  • Keywords: logic, mathematics
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