The Outdoor Girls in Florida

by Laura Lee Hope

The Outdoor Girls in Florida

The Outdoor Girls in Florida is a story of adventure following a group of girls (Amy, Mollie, Betty, and Grace) on a journey to help their friend Will.

Source: Hope, L. L. (1913) The Outdoor Girls in Florida. New York: Grosset & Dunlap.

Chapter I: "Bad News"
Four girls are introduced: Grace, Betty, Molly and Amy. Grace is upset over the disappearance of her brother, Will.
Chapter II: "Good News"
Uncle Isaac tells what he knows of Will’s disappearance. Mr. Ford begins to question his decision to send his son to Atlanta. The girls discuss the invitation to a Florida orange grove.
Chapter III: "Will’s Letter"
The girls plan excitedly for their trip to Florida. Grace speaks to her father about her missing brother and the trip south. A letter arrives.
Chapter IV: "'Come Home!'"
Mr. Ford shares the contents of the letter. The girls are happy to hear the good news and to plan their trip.
Chapter V: "Missing Again"
The girls discuss their escape from the winter weather, the clothes to bring, and their plans for the Gem. A telegram from Florida arrives.
Chapter VI: "An Appeal for Help"
The girls devise a plan for dealing with the news from the telegram. Mr. Ford travels to Florida but returns emptyhanded. The girls continue plans for their own trip. Another letter arrives, confirming their suspicions regarding Will's troubles.
Chapter VII: "Off for Florida"
News of Will distresses the family. Mr. Ford calls on friends to aid in the investigation. The girls have a farewell tea for friends before their departure.
Chapter VIII: "Launching the Boat"
The girls arrive in Florida, and are introduced to the heat, Southern food, orange picking, and the slower way of life.
Chapter IX: "On a Sand Bar"
The girls go boating, running into the Florida wildlife and natural occurences.
Chapter X: "Doubtful Help"
The boat is stuck on a sandbar. The girls make various attempts to free themselves, but to no avail. They call for help, and it seems the call may be answered, but not by persons of their choosing.
Chapter XI: "Into the Interior"
The girls are helped by Hank Belton. They discover that he hires out men for work and Grace hopes to hear news of her brother. Mr. Hammond takes the girls to his camp.
Chapter XII: "A Warning"
Mr. Hammond escorts the girls to the labor camp. There they meet with Mr. Belton’s wife, who warns them away from seeking Will themselves.
Chapter XIII: "A Strange Tow"
The girls ask Mr. Belton for assitance in finding Will. He agrees to help if he can, but progress is slow. The girls spend many happy days exploring the orange groves and the lake. One day they decide to travel farther up the river for a nice picnic. All is well, until the boat begins to travel away, towed by some unseen force.
Chapter XIV: "The Tattered Youth"
The girls chase the boat up the stream, trying to formulate a plan to stop whatever creature is towing it along. They are happy to finally spot a boy on a craft in the river, whom they appeal to for assistance.
Chapter XV: "The Two Men"
The young man frees the Gem and returns it to the girls. They offer some sort of repayment, but he only wishes them to keep any knowledge of him secret, as he is on the run. The girls soon meet with the men he may be running from.
Chapter XVI: "Suspicious Characters"
Betty determines that they should not stop for these strangers, despite their pleas and threats. The girls are more cautious in their travels, and when planning their next voyage they bring along a chaperone.
Chapter XVII: "In Danger"
The girls set out for the day accompanied by Tom. They are having a pleasant day, enjoying the walk on the shore, when they have some unexpected visitors.
Chapter XVIII: "Between Two Perils"
The girls find themselves trapped by the alligators, with no sign of Tom to come to their aid. It seems they may have another way out, but it proves to be of equal danger.
Chapter XIX: "Lost"
The girls ponder their means of escape. They are finally able to return to shore, but still find no sign of Tom. They decide to leave food and notice before heading back up the river. Unfortunately the trip doesn’t progress as wished.
Chapter XX: "The Loon"
Their return home is unsuccessful, and the girls determine that they must turn back in order to find their way home. They make it back to their picnic spot, but there is still no sign of Tom. Instead, someone else arrives.
Chapter XXI: "To the Rescue"
The boy reveals more of his identity, and also brings news of the missing Tom. He encourages the girls to help him rescue the others, but they decide they need help.
Chapter XXII: "The Everglade Camp"
Harry gets the girls back to the grove, where they meet with search parties. They describe what has happened to Tom, and plans are made to rescue the men the next morning.
Chapter XXIII: "The Escape"
The group raids the camp, rescuing Tom, but the other man has disappeared during the night.
Chapter XXIV: "The Youth on the Raft"
Tom fills in the others on what caused his disappearance. Harry continues to look for the man he promised to help. The girls set out on the river again, this time with Harry in tow, and find another man on the river.
Chapter XXV: "Will Ford"
The girls find that the man on the raft is none other than Will Ford. The family is reunited, with many tales of their Florida adventures to tell.
  • Year Published: 1913
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 2.2
  • Word Count: 43,582
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Keywords: florida stories, the outdoor girls in florida
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