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British India, A map showing British India.
Chief Foreign Settlements in India, 17th Century, A map showing the chief foreign settlements in India at the end of the 17th century.
Economic Map of India, A map showing main economic products & principal railways throughout India.
India, 1785, A map of India in 1785 showing the British Dominions, the Mahratta States, Native States, French holdings and Portuguese holdings.
India, 1804, A map of India showing the territorial possessions of the British and Portuguese and Independent States.
India, 1857, Map of India in 1857 showing British dominions, Independent states, and French and Portuguese territory.
India in 1750, A map of India in 1750.
Mumbai, A map of Mumbai (fomerly known as Bombay) around 1919.
The Rise of Buddhism, A map to illustrate the rise of Buddhism.
 Maps > Asia > India
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