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Other Conifers

A total of 329 photos of conifers are included in this gallery. Conifers are cone-bearing plants with vascular tissue. They are of the division Pinophyta and class Pinopsida. The plant families that are housed under the Pinophyta division are Pinaceae (Pine family), Araucariaceae (Araucaria family), Podocarpaceae (Yellow-wood family), Sciadopityaceae (Umbrella-pine family), Cupressaceae (Cypress family), Cephalotaxaceae (Plum-yew family), and Taxaceae (Yew family). Screwpines (Pandanus) share the common name of "pine" but are not conifers.

This gallery contains only the conifers that are not clearly defined as being trees or shrubs. Other conifer galleries include cedars, firs, and pines.