The Emerald City of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

The Emerald City of Oz

The Emerald City of Oz is the sixth of L. Frank Baum’s fourteen Land of Oz books. Originally published in 1910, it is the story of Dorothy and her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em coming to live in Oz permanently. While they tour through the Quadling Country, the Nome King assembles allies for an invasion of Oz.

Baum had intended to cease writing Oz stories with this book, but financial pressures prompted him to write and publish The Patchwork Girl of Oz, with seven other Oz books to follow.

Source: Baum, L. F. (1910). The Emerald City of Oz. Chicago, IL: Reilly and Britton.

Author’s Note
The author tells the readers where he gets his ideas from.
Chapter 1: “How the Nome King Became Angry”
The Nome King is angry because Dorothy and Ozma had stolen his Magic Belt. He asks his Chancellor, Kaliko, and General Blug what to do. The King vows revenge upon Ozma and Dorothy.
Chapter 2: “How Uncle Henry Got into Trouble”
Because of Uncle Henry’s failing health and poor weather, he and Aunt Em are broke and are going to lose the farm. They tell Dorothy that she will be better off living as a princess in Oz rather than poor with them. Dorothy goes to her room and with the help of Ozma and the Magic Belt, she leaves for Oz.
Chapter 3: “How Ozma Granted Dorothy’s Request”
The author describes the land of Oz to us including the Ozites, the Hammer-Heads, Fighting Trees, and the Kalidahs. Dorothy asks Ozma if Aunt Em and Uncle Henry could live in the Emerald City. She says yes, but to surprise the old couple, for they might be skeptical.
Chapter 4: “How the Nome King Planned Revenge”
The King discusses building a tunnel under the deadly desert surrounding Oz. The Nome King gathers his army together and tries to choose a new general (after throwing General Blug away). Guph steps forwards and becomes the new General. The Nome King and Gen. Guph discuss plans on overtaking the Emerald City.
Chapter 5: “How Dorothy Became a Princess”
Dorothy and Toto return to Oz and are greeted by all of their friends. The next day, Dorothy and Ozma wait for Uncle Henry and Aunt Em to arrive in the throne room at the palace. The elderly couple are greeted by Ozma and the royal subjects.
Chapter 6: “How Guph Visited the Whimsies”
The Nome King begins work on his tunnel while General Guph visits the Whimsies. The Chief Whimsie agrees to help the Nomes conquer the Emerald City.
Chapter 7: “How Aunt Em Conquered the Lion”
Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are shown to their room. They dress in fancy attire and, guided by Dorothy, explore the Emerald City. They meet Billina, the yellow hen. Em and Henry explore the city on thieir own and meet the Cowardly Lion.
Chapter 8: “How the Grand Gallipoot Joined the Nomes”
Guph goes to see the Growleywogs to ask them for assistance. They make a deal and Guph is pleased. However, the Grand Gallipoot and his Chancellors agree in secret that as soon as they have conquered Oz, they will overtake the Nomes, steal all the jewels, and make everyone their slaves.
Chapter 9: “How the Wogglebug Taught Athletics”
Em and Henry are bored and restless. While Ozma ponders on small tasks that will keep them busy, Dorothy and the elders make a tour of the far corners of Oz. Several of Dorothy’s friends join the party. They visit Professor Wogglebug.
Chapter 10: “How the Cuttenclips Lived”
Dorothy and her friends continue to explore and come upon the Cuttenclips, a paper doll town. They meet Miss Cuttenclip, a real girl who makes the town from magic paper. Shaggy Man sneezed and the group decided to leave the town before they did any further harm.
Chapter 11: “How the General Met the First and Foremost”
Guph goes to visit the Phanfasms. The First and Foremost Phanfasm and the others agrees to help, but secretly plans to use the tunnel, conquer Oz themselves, kill the Nomes, Growleywogs, and Whimsies, and control the world.
Chapter 12: “How They Matched the Fuddles”
Dorothy and her friends continue on their way and meet a mittenless kangaroo. She tells the gang about the Fuddles in the nearby town of Fuddlecumjig. The people of that town literally fall to pieces when strangers come to visit. Dorothy and her friends matched some of the townspeople, sat down to dinner, and continued on their way.
Chapter 13: “How the General Talked to the King”
Guph returns to the Nome King with the news of his assistance. The King is instantly pleased, but expresses his reservations about attracting such powerful allies. They discuss why Nomes are afraid of eggs.
Chapter 14: “How the Wizard Practiced Sorcery”
Dorothy and the gang decide to head for the Rigmaroles. Before they get there, it starts to get dark and they set up camp. The Wizard makes tents out of a handkerchief. Aunt Em and Bellina quarrel about chickens.
Chapter 15: “How Dorothy Happened to Get Lost”
The gang helps to settle an argument between a zebra and a crab. The next morning Dorothy gets up early and, along with Toto and Bellina, takesa walk through the forest. They get lost and come upon the Spoon Brigade who take them to the kingdom of Utensia.
Chapter 16: “How Dorothy Visited Utensia”
Dorothy, Toto, and Bellina are taken to Utensia to come before King Kleaver. After a brief session trying to find something wrong with the strangers, the enchanted utensils let the captives go free and try to find the rest of their party.
Chapter 17: “How They Came to Bunbury”
Dorothy and the animals see a sign for Bunbury and decide to go there. They meet a town full of bread-product people. After Toto eats a raisin bun citizen, they are evicted from the town.
Chapter 18: “How Ozma Looked into the Magic Picture”
Princess Ozma reflects on her adventures with Dorothy as the tunnel continues to be burrowed.
Chapter 19: “How Bunnybury Welcomed the Strangers”
Dorothy, Toto, and Bellina visit Bunnybury, a town of rabbits. At the door, only Dorothy is allowed in and must be reduced to the size of rabbits. Toto and Bellina wait outside.
Chapter 20: “How Dorothy Lunched with a King”
Dorothy meets the King of Bunnybury and has lunch with him. He cries and complains about how unhappy he is being king. Dorothy says she’ll talk to Glinda and help him find a replacement.
Chapter 21: “How the King Changed His Mind”
Dorothy and the King of Bunnybury watch the royal subjects do tricks and acts of merryment. Each time, the king commented on how much he hated being king but loved all the extra things that came with it. The king changes his mind and decides to stay, but Dorothy scolds him for being unhappy all the time. He agrees to change his ways and soon Dorothy, Bellina, and Toto are off again.
Chapter 22: “How the Wizard Found Dorothy”
Dorothy and the animals meet up with the rest of their party and she tells them the adventures of the day. The next morning, the group sets off again. They arrive at the Rigmarole Town, the town where people speak in long drawn-out speeches.
Chapter 23: “How They Encountered the Flutterbudgets”
The gang arrive at Flutterbudget Center, where the citizens worry too much. They quickly leave and arrive in the land of the Winkies. They spot his castle and plan to have lunch with him.
Chapter 24: “How the Tin Woodman Told the Sad News”
Dorothy and her friends visit the Tin Man who looks troubled. He gives them a tour of the castle and lunch, then tells them of the Nome King’s terrible plot. He tells them of the hopelessness of the near future.
Chapter 25: “How the Scarecrow Displayed His Wisdom”
Along with the Tin Man, the group travels to visit the Scarecrow in his giant corn house. The Tin Man tells him about the news of Ozma’s fate. He tells them to live each day to the fullest. They all travel to the farm of Jack Pumpkinhead to tell him the sad news. The group heads back to the Emerald City.
Chapter 26: “How Ozma Refused to Fight for Her Kingdom”
The entire group arrives at the Emerald City and, after dinner, talk with Ozma about the tunnel. They watch (from the Magic Picture) the Nome King’s plans to attack at midnight. They discuss what their own plan will be. Ozma tells Dorothy about the Forbidden Fountain. The Scarecrow thinks up a plan.
Chapter 27: “How the Fierce Warriors Invaded Oz”
At midnight, the Nome King gathered his army and his allies together and prepared for the battle. Along the way, a good deal of dust appears in the tunnel causing them to become very thirsty.
Chapter 28: “How They Drank at the Forbidden Fountain”
Upon waking, Ozma, Dorothy and the others prepare for the battle. They stand just beyond the Forbidden Fountain. Each of the Nome King’s evil allies appear from the tunnel, see the fountain, and take a drink. At once, they forget everything. The Nome King drank the water and the same happened. Ozma told them all that they will only want to be kind from now on and instantly wished them back to their own homes.
Chapter 29: “How Glinda Worked a Magic Spell”
Ozma and the others prepare for a visit to Glinda the Good. Glinda comes up with a way to make Oz invisible to all eyes other than their own. She has made it impossible for anyone to communicate with Oz ever again.
Chapter 30: “How the Story of Oz Came To an End”
The author explains a letter written to him by Dorothy telling him that there will be no more communication with Oz. The author bids farewell and good luck to Dorothy and her friends.
  • Year Published: 1910
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 6.0
  • Word Count: 59,178
  • Genre: Fantasy
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