The Go Ahead Boys and the Racing Motor-Boat

by Ross Kay

The Go Ahead Boys and the Racing Motor-Boat

The Go Ahead Boys and the Racing Motor-Boat is an adventure story about boys who enter a boat race.

Source: Kay, Ross. (1916). . New York: Goldsmith.

Chapter 1
The Go Ahead Boys are on a motor boat and decide to race a yacht.
Chapter 2
The four boys continue on at a steady pace in their motor boat and talk about the boat races and the qualifications to enter West Point.
Chapter 3
They realize the swift boat they had attempted to race was Varmint and they stop in Poughkeepsie for lunch. They look for their lost companion, Sting, and dock for the night.
Chapter 4
The three boys find their missing companion in Albany when they arrive. John caught a ride on the Varmint and then they speak about how the boats compare and talk about the different canals they can explore.
Chapter 5
Grant realizes he has the wrong bag as he gets onto the motor boat. He discovers the bag is heavier than his and tries to think of a plan to get his back or at least open the mystery one. Fred and John seem to know something more about the luggage.
Chapter 6
As they travel, it begins to rain and they decide to take shelter for the night as they pass through the Erie Canal. However, the hotel is questionable, as are the folk that inhabit it, so the boys are hesitant. They have no choice because of the rain and reluctantly take the rooms offered to them.
Chapter 7
Fred is awakened by someone entering the room, but he doesn’t stay. When the boys attempt to depart in the morning, the rude men from the bar are on board and ready to depart. They stay on board as the boys leave the dock.
Chapter 8
The rude guests intimidate Fred at first and he tries to think of a plan to get rid of them. However, the gas begins to run low and he announces he will have to stop the motor boat. The men offer to take their money and get gas, but John insists he has to go with them. Just then the Caledonia comes into view and they hope to get a ride on it to town.
Chapter 9
The rude men leave the Go Ahead Boys when they saw the Caledonia and the four boys make their escape. The Caledonia takes them in tow after hearing their story, and they are able to get fresh gasoline and breakfast before conintuing on.
Chapter 10
As the boys continue on the chapter describes the banter between them as they switch their posts and continue sailing. However, the motor boat begins to drift and they are not sure how far off course they have gotten and do not know if help will be on the way.
Chapter 11
The boys get frustrated with their situation as Fred is useless because he is seasick and John is testy because his hands are blistered. However, the Caledonia comes to their rescue again and they are finally able to reside in harbor.
Chapter 12
Fred recovers from his seasickness and the Go Ahead Boys meet Sam, who worked in a factory that manufactured dummy parts. The continue on with their banter as they head toward their destination.
Chapter 13
The boys land at Cape Vincent and Fred finds a bond under one of the cushions in the boat. The rude man makes his appearance again, however Fred cuts the visit short. He claims the document is his and threatens the boys.
Chapter 14
The boys head for the Thousand Islands and discuss what to do about their rude passenger. They see the Varmint II and speak of racing the boats again.
Chapter 15
The boys arrive at the island and Fred tells his grandfather the whole story about the bond and the rude canal-men. They discuss what to do and come up with a solution.
Chapter 16
The two girls they met earlier fell out of their canoe and nearly drown. The boys save them and wait in the motor-boat until they can get them home.
Chapter 17
The boys wait to take the girls home. The girls come back fully recovered and tease the boys with the fact they caused the accident. Fred’s grandfather warns him that he needs to watch out for girls that are tombys because they cause trouble, however they planned to take the girls with them anyway.
Chapter 18
The boys take the motor-boat out for a race and the tomboy, Miss Susie, encourages him to go faster and she gets a lecture from Mr. Button about her unacceptable behavior. The run into the rude canal-man who claims the bond and wonder what to do.
Chapter 19
The boys determine that their motor-boat can compete with the Varmint II. Sam keeps them grounded telling them that they can only win if they can go faster than the other boat. They try the race again and feel encouraged by the outcome. Miss Susie seems to bring bad luck, but nothing bad happens that cannot be fixed. Mr. Button’s prejudice toward her grows.
Chapter 20
They discuss what occurred with the rude canal-man and the bond, but Fred did not get the outcome. Sam speaks to them more about the race and they all participate in their usual banter.
Chapter 21
At night the boys notice a man prowling around their motor-boat. Sam had a suspicion the boat would not be able to enter the race. Now all the boys feel that something is wrong with their motor-boat.
Chapter 22
As they prepare for the race and practice their courses, a suspicious boat turns the corner and runs into the motor-boat. A gash under the water line is left in the side of the boat and the boys await to hear if they are out of the race.
Chapter 23
The boys and Sam send the boat off to be repaired and the mechanics find nothing seriously injured. The Go Ahead Boys decide they need to keep watch on it all night and divide shifts. George sees an intruder on his shift and they all prepare themselves for the worst.
Chapter 24
They surrounded the boat house where they suspected the man to be. However, it was just the dummy Sam was making and they all laughed at their paranoia.
Chapter 25
The boys discover a detective who tells them the history of the bond and the canal-men that he was tracking. With the mystery solved the boys and Sam await the race.
Chapter 26
The boys and Sam race the motor-boat. There are a few intense moments with the Varmint II because it is their only real competition, however the Go Ahead Boys win the race after all their hard work.
  • Year Published: 1916
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 5.2
  • Word Count: 54,078
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Keywords: life experiences
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