Clippix ETC: An online picture service of Florida's Educational Technology Clearinghouse

Nathan Wolkenhauer
Nathan Wolkenhauer is an undergraduate Elementary Education student from the University of South Florida, with a focus on educational technology and digital resources for teachers. He has worked with the Florida Center for Instructional Technology since 2008, creating content and providing a wide variety of free resources for teacher and student use in the classroom. With a great interest in photography, Nathan began providing high quality digital pictures for ClipPix in May, 2011, jumping at the opportunity to share fresh digital content with other teachers and educators. While Nathan provides pictures from different areas of the world, including England, Scotland, Spain, and Ireland, he also travels within the United States, adding content from the Everglades, Civil War historical sites, and various cities and towns around the country. His understanding of the importance of digital content in education and of how to effectively use this technology in the classroom makes Nathan a valuable addition to the ClipPix team!