A Victorious Union

by Oliver Optic

A Victorious Union

A Victorious Union, part of Oliver Optic's Blue and the Gray series, is an adventure story set in the time of the Civil War.

Source: Optic, O. (1893). A Victorious Union. Boston, MA: Lee and Shepherd Publishers.

The preface to the novel
Chapter I: “The Mission to Mobile Point”
Captain Breaker discusses a mission with Christy, which he is the most perfectly suited to complete.
Chapter II: “The Departure of the Expedition”
Christy assembles the crew for his mission. They disguise themselves and set out to discover what they can.
Chapter III: “A Bivouac Near Fort Morgan”
The men are paired together. They assume their chosen identities to blend in with confederate southerners.
Chapter IV: “The Revelations of the Revellers”
A meeting with drunken revellers provides pertinent information.
Chapter V: “In the Vicinity of the Confederate Fort”
The men begin to act on the information learned from the drunken sailors.
Chapter VI: “Captain Sullendine of the West Wind”
Christy offers up the services of his own men in place of the missing sailors.
Chapter VII: “A Powerful Ally of the Belleviters”
The men join Capatain Sullendine. Christy uses drinking to his advantage, but avoids it himself.
Chapter VIII: “On Board of the Cotton Schooner”
The men continue to learn information. The boat prepares to depart.
Chapter IX: “The Departure of the Tallahatchie”
Christy and his men contain the drunken sailors and take charge of the ship.
Chapter X: “The Casting Off of the Towline”
The ship is spotted while Christy tries to locate the Bellevite.
Chapter XI: “A Happy Return to the Bellevite”
Christy takes advantage of Bokes’s knowledge of the Tallahatchie. They find the Bellevite.
Chapter XII: “A Lively Chase to the South-West”
Christy reports to Captain Breaker. The Bellevite undertakes pursuit of the Tallahatchie.
Chapter XIII: “The First Shot of Blumenhoff”
The Bellevite takes fire from the Tallahatchie and responds.
Chapter XIV: “The Progress of the Action”
The battle continues, as the shipmen of the Bellevite prepare to board the Tallahatchie.
Chapter XV: “A Flank Movement Undertaken”
Christy asks for assistance from Graines once again.
Chapter XVI: “The Lieutenant’s Daring Exploit”
Each ship attempts their own plan to foil the other. The men behave as gentlemen once the victor is determined.
Chapter XVII: “A Magnanimous Enemy”
The men discuss the battle, showing respect for the efforts of each man.
Chapter XVIII: “The Reign of Christianity”
The men deal with the aftermath of the battle, including the burial of the dead.
Chapter XIX: “Colonel Homer Passford of Glenfield”
Christy’s uncle is found to be passenger on the Tallahatchie. The family members are reunited.
Chapter XX: “A Very Melancholy Confederate”
Colonel Passford laments his situation to Captain Rombold. Christy is disappointed to see his uncle’s condition.
Chapter XXI: “Captain Sullendine Becomes Violent”
Captain Sullendine boards ship, and is taught a lesson in proper behavior. Christy informs his Captain of his actions on the West Wind.
Chapter XXII: “The Disposition of the Two Prizes”
Christy is informed by the captain that he is to be sent home. He bids goodbye to his fellow sailors who leave with the Tallahatchie.
Chapter XXIII: “The Welcome Home at Bonnydale”
Christy is joyfully received at home. He pays tribute to the character of his adversaries.
Chapter XXIV: “Lieutenant-Commander Christopher Passford”
Graines tells the Passfords of Christy’s exploits. Captain Rombold pays a visit. Bertha Pembrooke arrives.
Chapter XXV: “The Principal Officers of the St. Regis”
Christy reacts to his commission and discovers the ship he is assigned to command.
Chapter XXVI: “The St. Regis in Commission”
Christy travels with his father to his new ship. He meets up with his shipmates and Bertha.
Chapter XXVII: “Captain Passford Alone in His Glory”
Christy bids goodbye to Bertha as his ship sets sail.
Chapter XXVIII: “Off the Coast of North Carolina”
The St.Regis takes on its first blockade runner.
Chapter XXIX: “The First Prize of the St. Regis”
The men catch and board the Raven. The captain is not up to Christy's standards of gentlemanly behavior.
Chapter XXX: “Another Sailing Contest Inaugurated”
Christy deals with the Raven and its captain before undertaking a new mission.
Chapter XXXI: “A Victorious Union”
The war ends with a victorious union.
  • Year Published: 1893
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 9.0
  • Word Count: 72,505
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Keywords: 19th century literature, american literature, blue and the gray, civil war
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