by Bram Stoker


Dracula is a horror novel by Bram Stoker, narrated in first person diary entries and letters, telling the story of an encounter with Count Dracula.

Source: Stoker, B. (1897). Dracula. London, England: Archibald Constable and Co..

Chapter 1
Jonathan Harker journals about his travel to Dracula’s Castle and the foreboding messages he gets from town folk along the way.
Chapter 2
Jonathan journals about his conversation with Count Dracula regarding England and the new estate in London that Jonathan secured for him. He notices strange things about the Count and his castle that makes him feel uneasy and like a prisoner.
Chapter 3
The Count asks Jonathan about the shipping business in England and insists that Jonathan stays with him for a month. The two send letters to England regarding the business. Jonathan writes Mina in a secret code. Jonathan explores the forbidden parts of the castle and is horrified by what he discovers. He wonders if he has gone mad.
Chapter 4
Jonathan attempts to escape the castle to no avail. His letters are intercepted by the Count. He discovers where the Count sleeps. Gypsies come to do work for the Count at the castle, but Jonathan is not able to communicate with the outside world. He waits for his doom.
Chapter 5
Mina, Jonathan’s girlfriend, writes letters back and forth to her friend Lucy about the young men in her life, Dr. Jack Seward and Quincey Morris. Arthur Holmwood introduced Lucy to Quincey Morris.
Chapter 6
Mina and Lucy arrive at Whitby. Dr. Jack Seward journals about his lunatic client Renfield. Mina is concerned that she has not heard from Jonathan. Lucy is beginning to act strangely in her sleep.
Chapter 7
A great storm in Whitby and a ship with its dead captain comes on shore. The cargo consisits of wooden boxes and a dog that jumps off the boat and disappears. The captain’s log tells about the horror that took place on the ship. The boat is claimed by a group of Russians. The town holds a funeral for the captain and a normally quiet dog is terrified. Lucy is bothered and continues dreaming and sleepwalking.
Chapter 8
Lucy is attacked by a tall thin figure and has two puncture marks on her throat. She continues to act strangely in her sleep. Mina hears that Jonathan is in a hospital in the care of Mr. Peter Hopkins. Jonathan requests she join him and marry him there. Dr. Jack Seward tells about the strange behavior he observers from his lunatic client Renfield.
Chapter 9
Mina and Jonathan marry. Mina and Lucy write each other. Dr. Seward tells more about Renfield. Arthur leaves Lucy to take care of is father. Dr. Jack Seward and Dr. VanHelsing care for Lucy who goes from better to worse.
Chapter 10
Lucy is drained of blood. Arthur and Dr. Seward give Lucy a blood transfusion. Prof. Van Helsing puts garlic flowers in Lucy’s room. Dr. Seward and Prof. Van Helsing keep watch.
Chapter 11
Dr. Van Helsing gives Lucy a blood transfusion. There is an interview with a zoo keeper that describes the escape and recapture of a wolf. Dr. Seward tells of Renfield’s escape and attack on him. Lucy’s mother dies and tells of the horrible events that took place that night.
Chapter 12
There is another attempt to save Lucy through a transfusion. News arrives from Mina and Jonathan. A change begins to take place in Lucy.
Chapter 13
There is a funeral for the deceased. Mina and Harker have a disturbing run-in with a mysterious man in London. Children of the town are attacked by the “Bloofer Lady.”
Chapter 14
The Harkers meet with Van Helsing and discuss Jonathan’s experiences with Count Dracula. Van Helsing and Seward discuss the injured children.
Chapter 15
Van Helsing tries to convince the others of what Lucy has become. They agree to work with him to try to stop what is happening.
Chapter 16
The men see evidence of what Lucy has become. They are shocked and agree to take steps to stop the un-dead.
Chapter 17
The Harkers join forces with the others. They share all that they know, and discover more information about Dracula’s connections with the area and plans for the future.
Chapter 18
The characteristics of the vampire are defined. The group makes a plan of action. Renfield shows that he has the ability to act in a sane and logical manner.
Chapter 19
The men enter Carfax to try to determine the location of the fifty boxes of earth. Mina is left alone, and finds herself feeling strange things.
Chapter 20
Harker determines the location of the missing boxes, and the men decide they must act quickly. Renfield is involved in a mysterious accident.
Chapter 21
Renfield reveals his involvement in the events surrounding Dracula. Mina and Harker are victims of Dracula’s plan.
Chapter 22
The group works to sterilize the boxes as quickly as possible. Mina is tormented by her “unclean” status, and contemplates her fate.
Chapter 23
The men try to attack Dracula, but he manages an escape. Mina is hypnotized in hopes of discovering his plans.
Chapter 24
The men decide to hide their plans from Mina, since the worry she may reveal their plans inadvertently. However, they soon consider the ways she can help them in completing their mission.
Chapter 25
The pursuit continues, with the men waiting for the boat carrying Dracula’s box. Unfortunately, they are outsmarted by the Count.
Chapter 26
Mina helps the group determine Dracula’s intended destination. They split up in hopes of cataching him before it it too late.
Chapter 27
The group confronts the gypsies transporting Dracula. The fates of each are revealed.
  • Year Published: 1897
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: Ireland
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 9.0
  • Word Count: 165,608
  • Genre: Horror
  • Keywords: 19th century literature, british literature, good vs. evil, horror
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