Around the World in 80 Days

by Jules Verne

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days (French: Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours) is a classic adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne, first published in 1873. In the story, Phileas Fogg of London and his newly employed French valet Passepartout attempt to circumnavigate the world in 80 days on a £20,000 wager set by his friends at the Reform Club.

Source: Verne, J. (1873) Around the World in 80 Days Paris, France: Routledge

Chapter 1: In Which Phileas Fogg and Passepartout Accept Each Other, the One as Master, the Other as Man Around the World in 80 Days
Phineas Fogg and his sole servant, Passepartout, become acquainted.
Chapter 2: In Which Passepartout is Convinced that He Has at Last Found His Ideal
Impressed by his new employer's composure, Passepartout feels he may have finally found an ideal situation.
Chapter 3: In Which a Conversation Takes Place Which Seems Likely to Cost Phileas Fogg Dear
An argument at the Reform Club results in a strange wager by Phileas Fogg.
Chapter 4: In Which Phileas Fogg Astounds Passepartout, His Servant
Phileas Fogg returns home to inform Passeportout of their upcoming expedition. Upon arriving at the local train station, Phileas is surprised to encounter a member of the Reform Club. Passepartout is admonished for his forgetfulness.
Chapter 5: In Which New Species of Funds, Unknown to the Moneyed Men, Appears on ‘Change’
As Phlieas Fogg departs by train amidst rumors and speculation regarding the nature of his journey. Phileas suddenly finds himself a suspect in a robbery.
Chapter 6: In Which Fix, the Detective, Betrays a Very Natural Impatience
In Suez, Detective Fox anxiously awaits the arrival of the Mongolia, believing the guilty party is on board. Passepartout approaches Detective Fix in an attempt to locate the British Consulate.
Chapter 7: Which Once More Demonstrates the Uselessness of Passports as Aids to Detectives
Detective Fix informs the consulate of his suspicions regarding Phileas Fogg.
Chapter 8: In Which Passepartout Talks Rather More, Perhaps, Than is Prudent
Detective Fix accompanies Passepartout on his errands in an attempt to better understand Phileas Fogg.
Chapter 9: In Which the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean Prove Propitious to the Designs of Phileas Fogg
As the Mongolia passes through the Red Sea, Phileas and Passepartout each pass the time in their own way. Having had his passport stamped, Phileas Fogg offers some incentive to the engineer to expedite the voyage to Bombay.
Chapter 10: In Which Passepartout is Only Too Glad to Get Off with the Loss of His Shoes
Phileas, having had his passport stamped, has a meal at the train station while Passepartout once again runs errands. A cultural misstep by Passepartout results in an incident at the temple and gives Detective Fix further grounds to obtain an arrest warrant.
Chapter 11: In Which Phileas Fogg Secures a Curious Means of Conveyance at a Fabulous Price
In Bombay, Phileas and Passepartout are joined by a Brigadier General, who proceeds to share his opinions with Phileas Fogg. Passepartout makes an alarming discover fearing that Phileas may be in danger of losing his wager.
Chapter 12: In Which Phileas Fogg and His Companions Venture Across the Indian Forests, and What Ensued
Phileas and Passepartout journey through India on an elephant. Sir Francis' explanation of the the suttee appalls both Passepartout and Phileas.
Chapter 13: In Which Passepartout Receives a New Proof That Fortune Favors the Brave
Phileas' heroic profession is quickly backed by both Sir Francis and Passepartout. As the Parsee guide divulges greater details about the condemned woman's life, Phileas becomes more determined to rescue Aouda. Passepartout devises an intricate plan to save Aouda.
Chapter 14: In Which Phileas Fogg Descends the Whole Length of the Beautiful Valley of the Gangs Without Ever Thinking of Seeing It
Phileas, Sir Francis, and Passepartout, having been successful in their rescue attempt, proceed on their journey accompanied by a liberated Aouda. Phileas' show of generosity towards the guide further pleases Passepartout. As time passes, Aouda awakens from her drug induced state, thankful of her rescuers actions.
Chapter 15: In Which the Bag of Banknotes Disgorges Some Thousands of Pounds More
Phileas and Passepartout are detained upon arrival in Calcutta, but quickly depart to Hong Kong after posting bond, much to detective Fix's disappointment.
Chapter 16: In Which Fix Does Not Seem to Understand in the Least What is Said to Him
Now aboard the Rangoon, Phileas and his fellow travelers proceed on their trip to Hong Kong, with Phileas spending a great deal of time with Aouda in the process. Still awaiting the arrival of an arrest warrant, Detective Fix quietly boards the Rangoon still pursuing Phileas Fogg.
Chapter 17: Showing What Happened on the Voyage from Singapore to Hong Kong
Passepartout questions Detective Fix's motivation after discovering him on the Rangoon. An oblivious Phileas continues to spend time with Aouda. The Rangoon enters high seas.
Chapter 18: In Which Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, and Fix Go Each About His Business
Passepartout, devoted to the completion of his master's objective, insists on helping the crew of the Rangoon in an attempt to expedite the voyage. Unable to locate a relative in Hong Kong, Aouda decides to accompany Phileas to Europe. Detective Fix is further agitated by the travelers' reserving of space on the Carnatic.
Chapter 19: In Which Passepartout Takes a Too Great Interest in His Master, and What Comes of It
Passepartout explores Hong Kong, admiring the diversity of its residents. Detective Fix finally divulges his true identity to Passepartout.
Chapter 20: In Which Fix Comes Face to Face with Phileas Fogg
Phileas continues to spend time with Aouda as they explore the streets of Hong Kong. Having missed the Carnatic's departure, Phileas is forced to find transport elsewhere. A deal is struck to arrange travel to Shanghai.
Chapter 21: In Which the Master of the “Tankadere” Runs Great Risk of Losing a Reward of Two Hundred Pounds
After a period of calm seas aboard the Tankadere, Phileas and Aouda arrive in Shanghai. Detective Fix is greatly affected by Phileas' kindness, evening offering to pay for his passage.
Chapter 22: In Which Passepartout Finds Out that, Even at the Antipodes, It is Convenient to Have Some Money in One’s Pocket
Passepartout awakes to find that he is alone aboard the Carnatic, eventually arriving in Yokohama.
Chapter 23: In Which Passepartout’s Nose Becomes Outrageously Long
The morning after arriving in Yokohama, a hungry Passepartout attempts to secure his next meal. Passepartout is reunited with his master and Aouda.
Chapter 24: During Which Mr. Fogg and Party Cross the Pacific Ocean
Phileas, Aouda, and Passepartout board the General Grant as they prepare to travel to America. Aouda tells Passepartout of her travels with Phileas. Detective Fix, disappointed by the sudden change of jurisdiction, continues to pursue Phileas and his fellow travelers, resulting in an altercation with Passepartout. Detective Fix finds has a change of heart in regards to Phileas Fogg's wager. Phileas reaches the half-way point.
Chapter 25: In Which a Slight Glimpse is Had of San Francisco Around the World in 80 Days
Phileas, Aouda, and Passepartout arrive in America, taking rooms and traveling out into the streets of San Francisco. After encountering Detective Fix, Phileas and Aouda find themselves in the midst of some political upheaval.
Chapter 26: In Which Phileas Fogg and Party Travel by the Pacific Railroad
The travelers continue on their journey across the American continent with some interruption.
Chapter 27: In Which Passepartout Undergoes, at a Speed of Twenty Miles an Hour, a Course of Mormon History
As the trip continues, Passepartout attends a lecture by a Mormon elder in Utah. After a tour of Salt Lake City, the travelers pick up another passenger before leaving town.
Chapter 28: In Which Passepartout Does Not Succeed in Making Anybody Listen to Reason
Unlike his fellow travelers, Phileas remains calm as the troubled journey continues. Aouda spots a familiar face on the train, prompting Passepartout and Detective Fox to take action.
Chapter 29: In Which Certain Incidents Are Narrated Which Are Only to be Met with on American Railroads
Phileas' game of whist is suddenly interrupted by Colonel Proctor, who he quickly challenges to a duel. A surprise attack forces the two to temporarily forget their differences. Passepartout is successful in his mission once again.
Chapter 30: In Which Phileas Fogg Simply Does His Duty
Following a valiant fight against the Sioux's attack, Phileas leads a party to rescue the captured prisoners. Phileas' successful rescue of Passepartout is greatly received by Aouda. Phileas plans the next leg of his trip.
Chapter 31: In Which Fix, the Detective, Considerably Furthers the Interests of Phileas Fogg
With the party now stranded at Fort Kearney, Fix presents a proposal to Phileas. The travelers continue heading east but still do not arrive in time to board the China.
Chapter 32: In Which Phileas Fogg Engages in a Direct Struggle with Bad Fortune
Having missed the China, Phileas searches for an alternative passage to Liverpool.
Chapter 33: In Which Phileas Fogg Shows Himself Equal to the Occasion
The travelers board the Henrietta, with Phileas eventually taking the helm as captain. Phileas brokers a deal with the captain, eventually arriving in Liverpool with time to spare. With Phileas now on British soil, Detective Fix finally makes use of his arrest warrant.
Chapter 34: In Which Phileas Fogg at Last Reaches London
Passeportout and Aouda protest the arrest of Phileas, who is being held in the Custom House of Liverpool. With the real thief captured, Phileas is finally released to conclude his journey.
Chapter 35: In Which Phileas Fogg Does Not Have to Repeat His Orders to Passepartout Twice
Phileas, having arrived back home, sets Aouda up in the guest room before shutting himself up in his room to ponder his predicament. After a proposal by Aouda, Phileas admits his true feelings.
Chapter 36: In Which Phileas Fogg’s Name is Once More at a Premium on Change
With Phileas' whereabouts unknown, the members of the Reforms Club, as well as all of London, anxiously await news on the fate of Phileas.
Chapter 37: In Which It is Shown That Phileas Fogg Gained Nothing by His Tour Around the World, Unless it Were Happiness
Having won his wager, Phileas prepares for his wedding. The events just prior to Phileas' arrival at the Reform Club are presented to the reader.
  • Year Published: 1873
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 8.0
  • Word Count: 66,281
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Keywords: 19th century literature, adventure, french literature
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