The Princess Collection

The Princess Collection

This collection includes stories of a staple of traditional tales, the princess. Regardless of your perspective – classicist, critical, post-modernist, traditionalist, deconstructionist, etc. – The Princess Collection is at your service.



Kisa the Cat

by Andrew Lang

from The Brown Fairy Book

A princess is captured and maimed by a giant and is rescued and made whole again by her childhood cat. When the princess marries, her cat is transformed into a beautiful princess. She had been under a spell that could only be broken by a good deed that had never been performed before.

The Rat Princess

by Frank Rinder

from Stories from Around the World

The Rat King searches for the most powerful being for his daughter to marry and after he searches from the sun to the cloud to the wind, he finds the strongest being is the Grey Rat that the Princess wanted to marry.

“To Your Good Health!”

by Andrew Lang

from The Crimson Fairy Book

A young shepherd refuses to abide by the laws of the kingdom when the king sneezes. The shepherd survives three perilous trials and refused three magnificent gifts for the hand of the princess in marriage, which he eventually gets out of the king’s frustration.