Crime and Punishment

by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment focuses on the mental anguish and moral dilemmas of Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, an impoverished St. Petersburg ex-student who formulates and executes a plan to kill an unscrupulous pawnbroker for her money.

Source: Dostoyevsky, F. (1866). Crime and Punishment (Constance Garnett, Trans.). Moscow, Russia: The Russian Messenger.

Translator's Preface
A brief introduction to the text by the translator, Constance Garnett.
Part 1, Chapter 1
Raskolnikov walks to the pawnbroker in an attempt to alleviate his mounting debt.
Part 1, Chapter 2
Marmeladov tells his story to Raskolnikov over a drink. Raskolnikov follows Marmeladov home and decides to share what little he has after viewing the level of poverty the family lives in.
Part 1, Chapter 3
Raskolnikov receives news regarding his sister.
Part 1, Chapter 4
Raskolnikov's ponders Dunya's decision as he travels to the home of a friend.
Part 1, Chapter 5
Raskolnikov dreams of his childhood. A chance encounter leaves Raskolnikov feeling out of sorts.
Part 1, Chapter 6
Raskolnikov's hatred for Alyona is recounted.
Part 1, Chapter 7
Raskolnikov's attack on Alyona and Lizaveta is interrupted suddenly by two men. Raskolnikov narrowly escapes.
Part 2, Chapter 1
A restless and delirious Raskolnikov receives a summons from the police station.
Part 2, Chapter 2
An agitated Raskolnikov returns to his room where he considers, but later hides his stolen goods. Raskolnikov pays a visit to Razumikhin.
Part 2, Chapter 3
Raskolnikov's health continues to decline, eventually resulting in a period of unconsciousness. Raskolnikov is introduced to Zossimov.
Part 2, Chapter 4
Zossimov accepts an invitation from Razumikhin. Zosimov, Razumikhin, and Nastasya discuss the pawnbroker's murder and the subsequent arrest of a painter.
Part 2, Chapter 5
Luzhin, Dunya's fiancé introduces himself to Raskolnikov, Zossimov, and Razumikhin. Zossimov takes note of Rskolnikov's agitation when the murder of the pawnbroker is mentioned.
Part 2, Chapter 6
Raskolnikov has a strange conversation with Zamyotov, the police inspector, at the local diner.
Part 2, Chapter 7
Raskolnikov provides some assistance to the dying Marmeladov and his family. After returning home Raskolnikov once again callapses.
Part 3, Chapter 1
Pulcheria and Dunya are greatly affected by Raskolnikov's condition. Razumikhin's affections for Dunya are fully divulged to the reader.
Part 3, Chapter 2
Razumikhin awakens the next morning greatly regretting the previous night. Dunya, Pulcheria, and Razumikhin visit Raslolnikov.
Part 3, Chapter 3
Raskolnikov's condition improves, for a little while at least. Raskolnikov makes a confession to Pulcheria. Raskolnikov becomes agitated when discussing Dunya's upcoming nuptials.
Part 3, Chapter 4
Sonia invites Raskolnikov to Marmeladov's funeral. Raskolnikov makes a request of Razumikhin, before teasing him about his feelings for Dunya.
Part 3, Chapter 5
Razumikhin is embaressed by Raskolikov's behavior. Porfiry questions Raskolikov about the crime at the pawnbrokers.
Part 3, Chapter 6
Raskolnikov fearing the police suspect him of the murders, has a strange encounter with a stranger on the street.
Part 4, Chapter 1
Svidrigailov asks for Raskolnikov's help in finding Dunya. Svidrigailov recounts the circumstances of his marriage.
Part 4, Chapter 2
Razumikhin confirms Raskolnikov's fears. Dunya and Pulcheria are upset by the news of Svidrigailov's arrival in St. Petersburg.
Part 4, Chapter 3
Raskolnikov tells the group about Svidrigailov's proposal. Dunya presents a proposal to her brother. Razumikhin realizes who is responsible for the pawnbroker's death.
Part 4, Chapter 4
Raskolnikov pays a visit to Sonya, who is surprised and frightened by his presence. Svidrigailov listens in on Raskolnikov and Sonya's conversation in private.
Part 4, Chapter 5
Raskolnikov visits Porfiry Petrovich at the police station, presenting him with a request for the items from the pawnbroker's shop.
Part 4, Chapter 6
Raskolnikov and Porfiry's conversation is suddenly interrupted by an agitated Nikolai, leaving him hopeful he will not be caught.
Part 5, Chapter 1
Luzhin, realizing his engagement with Dunya is ending, regrets his decisions.
Part 5, Chapter 2
The narrator discusses Katerina's spending of the money given to her by Raskolnikov. Katerina, whose health appears to be failing, treats her guests rudely.
Part 5, Chapter 3
Luzhin accusations of theft anger Katerina, whose attempt to clear Sonia's name only further implicates her. Lebezyatnikov's appearance signals an end to Luzhin's deceptive plan. The Marmeladovs are evicted.
Part 5, Chapter 4
Sonya is told of her families troubles. Raskolnikov finally admits his crimes to Sonia, who promises not to abandoned him in his time of need.
Part 5, Chapter 5
Lebeziatnikov and Raskolnikov discuss Katerina's health as Sonia goes to check on her. Sonia finds a barely coherent Katerina overcome by her physical illness. Svidrigailov offers to take care of all funeral arrangements.
Part 6, Chapter 1
Having witnessed the death of Katerina, Raskolnikov wanders the streets in a daze lingering outside Sonia's building. Razumikhin pays a visit to Raskolnikov. Razumikhin leaves as Porfiry arrives to speak with Raskolnikov.
Part 6, Chapter 2
Porfiry, although having extracted a murder confession from the painter, tells Raskolnikov who he believes really committed the crimes.
Part 6, Chapter 3
Raskolnikov finds Svidrigailov in a café where he discusses his relationship with Dunya.
Part 6, Chapter 4
Svidrigailov discusses his relationship with Marfa Petrovana and current engagement, ensuring Raskolnikov that he no longer has any interest in Dunya.
Part 6, Chapter 5
Svidrigailov attempts to manipulate Dunya by using Raskolnikov's secret against her.
Part 6, Chapter 6
Svidrigailov visits Sonia, assuring her that her family will be taken care of. After a series of strange dreams, a dazed Svidrigailov uses Dunya's revolver to take his own life.
Part 6, Chapter 7
Raskolnikov visits his mother, who is overjoyed to see him but taken aback by his behavior. Upon returning to his apartment, Raskolnikov encounters Dunya.
Part 6, Chapter 8
Raskolnikov visits Sonya's home to pick up his cross, before heading to the police station to confess his crimes.
Raskolnikov's goes to trial and is sentenced to 8 years hard labor in Siberia. Razumikhin and Dunya finally marry. While in prison, Raskolnikov finds redemption and renewal.
  • Year Published: 1866
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 7.2
  • Word Count: 222,339
  • Genre: Realism
  • Keywords: morality, poverty, suspense
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