Lyrics of the Hearthside

by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Lyrics of the Hearthside

This is a collection of poetry by African American author Paul Laurence Dunbar. Dunbar's work frequently features a conversational tone, innovative rhetorical structure, and a colorful use of both dialect and mainstream English. Dunbar was among the first nationally successful African American writers.

Source: Dunbar, P.L. (1913). The Complete Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar. New York: Dodd, Mead, and Company.

Love's Apotheosis
Love me. I care not what the circling years
The Paradox
I am the mother of sorrows,
Over the Hills
Over the hills and the valleys of dreaming
With the Lark
Night is for sorrow and dawn is for joy,
In Summer
Oh, summer has clothed the earth
The Mystic Sea
The smell of the sea in my nostrils,
A Sailor's Song
Oh for the breath of the briny deep,
The Bohemian
Bring me the livery of no other man.
Good–night, my love, for I have dreamed of thee
Her Thoughts and His
The gray of the sea, and the gray of the sky,
The Right to Die
I have no fancy for that ancient cant
Behind the Arras
As in some dim baronial hall restrained,
When the Old Man Smokes
In the forenoon’s restful quiet,
The Garret
Within a London garret high,
To E.H.K.—On the Receipt of a Familiar Poem
To me, like hauntings of a vagrant breath
A Bridal Measure
Come, essay a sprightly measure,
Vengeance is Sweet
When I was young I longed for Love,
A Hymn—After Reading 'Lead, Kindly Light
Lead gently, Lord, and slow,
Just Whistle a Bit
Just whistle a bit, if the day be dark,
The Barrier
The Midnight wooed the Morning–Star,
Dream on, for dreams are sweet:
The Dreamer
Temples he built and palaces of air,
The sun has slipped his tether
The End of the Chapter
Ah, yes, the chapter ends to–day;
I know what the caged bird feels, alas!
Love and Grief
Out of my heart, one treach’rous winter’s day,
Love's Chastening
Once Love grew bold and arrogant of air,
Ashes to ashes, dust unto dust,
A life was mine full of the close concern
She Gave Me a Rose
She gave a rose,
Dream Song. I
Long years ago, within a distant clime,
Dream Song. II
Pray, what can dreams avail
Christmas in the Heart
The snow lies deep upon the ground,
The King is Dead
Aye, lay him in his grave, the old dead year!
There is a heaven, for ever, day by day,
Long had I grieved at what I deemed abuse;
Love's Humility
As some rapt gazer on the lowly earth,
The poor man went to the rich man’s doors,
She Told Her Beads
She told her beads with down–cast eyes,
Little Lucy Landman
Oh, the day has set me dreaming
The Gourd
In the heavy earth the miner
The Knight
Our good knight, Ted, girds his broadsword on
Thou Art My Lute
Thou art my life, by thee I live,
The Phantom Kiss
One night in my room, still and beamless,
In the silence of my heart,
Mare Rubrum
In Life’s Red Sea with faith I plant my feet,
In an English Garden
In this old garden, fair, I walk to–day
The Crisis
A man of low degree was sore oppressed,
The Conquerors (The Black Troops in Cuba)
Round the wide earth, from the red field your valour has won,
Alexander Crummell - Dead
Back to the breast of thy mother,
When All is Done
When all is done, and my last word is said,
The Poet and the Baby
How’s a man to write a sonnet, can you tell,—
“I am but clay,” the sinner plead,
The Sum
A little dreaming by the way,
Sonnet (On an Old Book With Uncut Leaves)
Emblem of blasted hope and lost desire,
On the Sea Wall
I sit upon the old sea wall,
To a Lady Playing the Harp
Thy tones are silver melted into sound,
Search thou my heart;
Out of my heart, one day, I wrote a song,
Prometheus stole from Heaven the sacred fire
Love's Phases
Love hath the wings of the butterfly,
For the Man Who Fails
The world is a snob, and the man who wins
Harriet Beecher Stowe
She told the story, and the whole world wept
Long time ago, we two set out,
A Winter's Day
Across the hills and down the narrow ways,
My Little March Girl
Come to the pane, draw the curtain apart,
She sang, and I listened the whole song thro’.
Love Despoiled
As lone I sat one summer’s day,
The Lapse
This poem must be done to–day;
The Warrior's Prayer
Long since, in sore distress, I heard one pray,
Farewell to Arcady
With sombre mien, the Evening gray
The Voice of the Banjo
In a small and lonely cabin out of noisy traffic’s way,
The Stirrup Cup
Come, drink a stirrup cup with me,
A Choice
They please me not—these solemn songs
  • Year Published: 1913
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 6.5
  • Word Count: 11,064
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Keywords: abuse, art, attic, battle, beauty, bird, butterfly, caged bird, calm, choice, clay, clothing, cold, courage, dark, darkness, death, defeat, destiny, distress, dove, dream, dreaming, dreams, earth, end, fate, fight, fire, flowers, freedom, garden, goddess, gold, gray, happiness, heart, heaven, heavens, hell, hope, ice, indedendence, jacket, joy, justice, key, kindness, king, kiss, land, life, longing, love, marriage, memories, muse, music, nature, night, oppression, pain, past, perseverance, pity, poor, poverty, praise, pray, remember, rich, river, royal, royalty, sadness, sailing, sea, senses, sing, singing, sleep, sleeping, smoking, snow, song, sonnet, sorrow, soul, star, storm, strength, struggle, summer, sweet, time, waiting, war, warmth, wealth, wings, winter, wisdom, writing, youth
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