The Count of Monte Cristo

by Alexandre Dumas, pére

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure story that takes place during the historical events of 1815 to 1838. This piece tells the tale of a man who seeks revenge after his escape from prision and deals with the central themes of vengeance, justice, forgiveness, and mercy.

Source: Dumas, A. (1844). The Count of Monte Cristo. London: Chapman and Hall.

Chapter 1: Marseilles—The Arrival
In Marseilles, France the Pharon sailing ship docks, while a crowd of people watch. Dantes, meets with Monsieur Morrel, the ship's owner and discusses with him the sullen mood of the sailors.
Chapter 2: Father and Son
Dantes visits his father's home and Caderousse, their neighbor pays them a visit.
Chapter 3: The Catalans
Dantes visits Mercedes in village of the Catalans. While Mercedes waits for Dantes, Fernand tries to convince Mercedes to marry him instead. Upon the arrival of Dantes, Fernand runs away and is stopped by Danglars and Caderousse.
Chapter 4: Conspiracy
Danglars and Fernand talk about a plan to destroy Dantes happiness.
Chapter 5: The Marriage-Feast
During a celebration, Dantes is unexpectedly arrested, without any explanation.
Chapter 6: The Deputy Procureur du Roi.
In an aristocratic residences of Marseilles, Monsieur de Villefort is celebrating his betrothal when he is interrupted by a servant informing him of a Bonapartist plot discovery, including the arrest of Edmond Dantes.
Chapter 7: The Examination
Villefort questions Dantes and makes a serious discovery.
Chapter 8: The Chateau d'If
Dantes is taken to Chateau d'If, despite the promise Villefort made to him.
Chapter 9: The Evening of the Bethrothal
Villefort heads back to Madame de Saint-Meran's in the Place du Grand Cours and prepares for a trip to Paris. Mercedes stops by Villefort's home, and is offered no answers.
Chapter 10: The King's Closet at the Tuileries
Villefort visits King Louis XVIII to inform him of a conspiracy.
Chapter 11: The Corsican Ogre
The Minister of the Police arrives to inform King Louis XVIII that Bonaparte landed near Antibes, and is on his way to Paris.
Chapter 12: Father and Son
At his hotel, Villefort speaks with his father.
Chapter 13: The Hundred Days
Napoleon returns to Paris for his hundred day rein. Morrel visitis Villefort to plead for Dantes' release.
Chapter 14: The Two Prisoners
Dantes is visited by the inspector in his dungeon cell.
Chapter 15: Number 34 and Number 27
As Dantes becomes desperate in his dungeon cell, his neighboring prisoner rescues him.
Chapter 16: A Learned Italian
Dantes begins his friendship with the mad abbe.
Chapter 17: The Abbe's Chamber
Abbe teaches Dantes all he knows, and the two form a plot for escape.
Chapter 18: The Treasure
Abbe tells Dantes of a secret treasure.
Chapter 19: The Third Attack
Abbe has his third attack.
Chapter 20: The Cemetery of the Chateau D'If
Dantes thinks of his own plan to escape Chateau d'If.
Chapter 21: The Island of Tiboulen
Dantes reaches the Island of Tiboulen.
Chapter 22: The Smugglers
Dantes becomes a successful smuggler while on board his new vessel.
Chapter 23: The Island of Monte Cristo
Dantes visits the Island of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 24: The Secret Cave
After being left alone on the Island of Monte Cristo, Dantes searches for the treasure of Cardinal Spada.
Chapter 25: The Unknown
Dantes returns to Marseilles after aquiring a new yacht and all of the Spada treasures.
Chapter 26: The Pont du Gard Inn
Dantes visits Caderousse in disguise.
Chapter 27: The Story
Caderousse tells Dantes (Abbe Busoni) all of the stories of betrayal during Dantes' arrest.
Chapter 28: The Prison Register
Dantes, in a disguise of an Englishman, makes inquires about Morrel and Son, in order to help Morrel through his bankruptcy.
Chapter 29: The House of Morrel & Son
Dantes, in a disguise of an Englishman, visits Morrel and Son to speak with M. Morrel.
Chapter 30: The Fifth of September
M. Morrel is saved from bankruptcy.
Chapter 31: Italy, Sinbad the Sailor
Sinbad the Sailor spends an evening with Franz on the Island of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 32: The Waking
Franz leaves the Island of Monte Cristo and heads to Rome to meet his companion Albert.
Chapter 33: Roman Bandits
Signor Pastrini tells Franz and Albert the tales of Luigi Vampa.
Chapter 34: The Colosseum
Franz and Albert ask their host, Signor Pastrini to procure a cart and ox for them, since a carriage cannot be found during Carnival. After a short while Signor Pastrini returns with an invitation to join the Count of Monte Cristo's carriage.
Chapter 35: La Mazzolata
Franz and Albert join the Count of Monte Cristo for breakfast and then an execution.
Chapter 36: The Carnival at Rome
Franz and Albert enjoy the last day of Carnival. Albert is stuck by the love of a peasant dressed woman at Carnival, who arranges a meeting for the two of them.
Chapter 37: The Catacombs of Saint Sebastian
Franz learns that Albert has been kidnapped.
Chapter 38: The Compact
After the Count of Monte Cristo comes to Albert's aid, he asks Albert for an introduction into the society in Paris; Albert sets a date and time for their meeting.
Chapter 39: The Guests
Albert prepares his home for the Count of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 40: The Breakfast
The Count of Monte Cristo arrives at Albert's home for breakfast, as promised three months earlier.
Chapter 41: The Presentation
The Count of Monte Cristo meets Alberts parents Monsieur and Madame de Morcerf.
Chapter 42: Monsieur Bertuccio
The Count of Monte Cristo visits his new home in Paris.
Chapter 43: The House at Auteuil
The Count of Monte Cristo and Bertuccio visit the Count's other Paris home at Auteuil. Bertuccio has a confession to make to the Count, which he has previously made to Abbe Busoni (one of the Count's aliases).
Chapter 44: The Vendetta
Bertuccio tells his story to the Count of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 45: The Rain of Blood
Bertuccio finishes telling his story for why he fears the house Auteuil to the Count of Monte Cristo. The Count and Bertuccio then return to the house in Paris.
Chapter 46: Unlimited Credit
The Count of Monte Cristo visits Danglers at his home to speak to him about a business arrangement.
Chapter 47: The Dappled Grays
Ali, one of the slaves of the Count of Monte Cristo, helps to save Madame Villefort and her son Edward.
Chapter 48: Ideology
Monsieur de Villefort visits the Count of Monte Cristo to thank him personally for saving his wife and son.
Chapter 49: Haidee
The Count of Monte Cristo visits Haidee in his home and tells her that she is free from being his slave now that they are in Paris.
Chapter 50: The Morrel Family
The Count of Monte Cristo visits Monsieur Morrel's children at their home. During his visit with Maximilian and Julie, he notices the red silk purse and diamond underneith crystal coverings.
Chapter 51: Pyramus and Thisbe
Maximilian Morrel visits his love, Valentine, the daughter of Monsieur Villefort.
Chapter 52: Toxicology
The Count of Monte Cristo speaks to Madame Villefort about poisons and chemistry.
Chapter 53: Robert le Diable
The Count of Monte Cristo encounters many acquaintances while at the Opera with Haidee. Haidee recognizes the Count of Morcerf as the man who sold her father to the Turks.
Chapter 54: A Flurry in Stocks
Albert and Debray visit the Count of Monte Cristo's home and discuss various matters with him.
Chapter 55: Major Cavalcanti
Major Cavalcanti visits the house of the Count of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 56: Andrea Cavalcanti
Major Cavalcanti is introduced to his lost son, Andrea Cavalcanti, with the help of the Count of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 57: In the Lucerne Patch
Maximilian visit Valentine at her house secretly.
Chapter 58: M. Noirtier de Villefort
Monsieur Noirtier speaks to Valentine about her upcoming marriage to Franz.
Chapter 59: The Will
Monsieur Noirtier changes his will to aid Valentine.
Chapter 60: The Telegraph
The Count of Monte Cristo arrives at the Villefort's residence to remind them of his upcoming party.
Chapter 61: How a Gardener May Get Rid of the Dormice
The Count of Monte Cristo visits a gardener who works at the telegraph.
Chapter 62: Ghosts
The guests for the Count of Monte Cristo's Auteuil party begin to arrive.
Chapter 63: The Dinner
During his dinner part the Count of Monte Cristo speaks about the history of the Auteuil house.
Chapter 64: The Beggar
Andrea (Benedetto) has an encounter with his old prison mate, Caderousse.
Chapter 65: A Conjugal Scene
Monsieur Danglers has a harsh talk with Madame Danglers.
Chapter 66: Matrimonial Projects
Monsieur Danglers visits the Count of Monte Cristo for financial advice.
Chapter 67: At the Office of the King's Attorney
Madame Danglers visits Monsieur Villefort.
Chapter 68: A Summer Ball
Albert visits the Count of Monte Cristo at his home, after returning from his vacation.
Chapter 69: The Inquiry
Monsieur Villefort attempts to gain more information about the Count of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 70: The Ball
The Morcerf's host a ball at their house.
Chapter 71: Bread and Salt
Mercedes speaks with the Count of Monte Cristo in the garden during the ball.
Chapter 72: Madame de Saint-Meran
Monsieur de Saint-Meran fell ill and died. Madame de Saint-Meran visits the house of Villefort to inform them of her husband's death.
Chapter 73: The Promise
Madame de Saint-Meran falls ill and dies, the doctor treating her suspects foul play.
Chapter 74: The Villefort Family Vault
After the funerals of Monsieur and Madame de Saint-Meran, Monsieur de Villefort begins to arrange the marriage of Valetine.
Chapter 75: A Signed Statement
Monsieur Noirtier reveals to Franz information about the death of Franz's father.
Chapter 76: Progress of Cavalcanti the Younger
Monsieur Cavalcanti, the Count of Monte Cristo, and Albert visit the Dangler's house.
Chapter 77: Haidee
Haidee relates the story of her father's death to Albert and the Count of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 78: We Hear From Yanina
A newspaper prints an article which slanders the name of Fernand de Morcerf.
Chapter 79: The Lemonade
Monsieur Morrel visits Valentine and Monsieur Noirtier.
Chapter 80: The Accusation
Monsieur Noirtier's servant dies.
Chapter 81: The Room of the Retired Baker
Monsieur Cavalcanti, Benedetto, visits Caderousse's house.
Chapter 82: The Burglary
Caderousse breaks into the house of the Count of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 83: The Hand of God
The Count of Monte Cristo's true identity is revealed to a dying Caderousse.
Chapter 84: Beauchamp
Beauchamp visits Albert and speaks to him about the newspaper article printed three weeks prior.
Chapter 85: The Journey
Albert accompanies the Count of Monte Cristo to Normandy.
Chapter 86: The Trial
Monsieur de Morcerf is on trial.
Chapter 87: The Challenge
Albert visits Monsieur Danglers to ask about the accusations against his father.
Chapter 88: The Insult
Albert confronts the Count of Monte Cristo at the opera.
Chapter 89: A Nocturnal Interview
Mercedes (Madame de Morcerf) visits the Count of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 90: The Meeting
Albert and the Count of Monte Cristo meet for a duel.
Chapter 91: Mother and Son
Albert and Mercedes plan to leave the Morcerf house.
Chapter 92: The Suicide
Fernand de Morcerf visits the house of the Count of Monte Cristo.
Chapter 93: Valentine
Maximilian visits Valentine and Noirtier.
Chapter 94: Maximilian's Avowal
Noirtier's preparations have helped save Valentine's life.
Chapter 95: Father and Daughter
Eugenie speaks to Danglers about her reservations about marrying Cavalcanti.
Chapter 96: The Contract
Andrea Cavalcanti and Mademoiselle Danglers are to be married at Danglers' house.
Chapter 97: The Departure for Belgium
Eugenie and her friend Louise escape from Paris.
Chapter 98: The Bell and Bottle Tavern
Andrea makes his escape from Paris.
Chapter 99: The Law
Madame Danglers visits Villefort to talk to him about Andrea.
Chapter 100: The Apparition
The Count of Monte Cristo helps Valetine survive being poisoned.
Chapter 101: Locusta
Valentine discovers who has been poisoning the occupants of the Villefort house.
Chapter 102: Valentine
Valentine is pronounced dead by Doctor d'Avrigny.
Chapter 103: Maximilian
Abbe Busoni visits Valentine on her deathbed to pray for her.
Chapter 104: Danglar's Signature
The Count of Monte Cristo visits Danglers in order to receive money.
Chapter 105: The Cemetery of Pere-la-Chaise
The Count of Monte Cristo visits Maximilian's house.
Chapter 106: Dividing the Proceeds
Albert and Mercedes make plans for their future.
Chapter 107: The Lion's Den
Bertuccio visits Benedetto (Andrea) in prison.
Chapter 108: The Judge
Villefort prepares for Benedetto's trial, and then he confronts Madame de Villefort.
Chapter 109: The Assizes
The people of Paris begin arriving at the trial of Benedetto.
Chapter 110: The Indictment
Benedetto reveals the knowledge of who is his father.
Chapter 111: Expiation
The Count of Monte Cristo's revenge comes to a close.
Chapter 112: The Departure
The Count of Monte Cristo leaves Paris with Maximilian, and then he visits his old house where Mercedes now lives.
Chapter 113: The Past
The Count of Monte Cristo visits Chateau d'If, and then heads out to Italy.
Chapter 114: Peppino
Danglers is captured by Luigi Vampa on his way out of Rome.
Chapter 115: Luigi Vampa's Bill of Fare
Danglers learns that in order to eat while imprisoned he must pay a large sum for his food.
Chapter 116: The Pardon
Danglers nearly starves to death when he meets Edmond Dantes.
Chapter 117: The Fifth of October
The Count of Monte Cristo saves Maximilian, and then finds happiness once again.
  • Year Published: 1844
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 6.1
  • Word Count: 505,435
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Keywords: betrayal, forgiveness, justice, mercy, redemption, revenge
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