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Gulliver's Travels

Part One: A Voyage to Lilliput: Chapter 5

by Jonathan Swift

The author, by an extraordinary stratagem, prevents an invasion. A high title of honour is conferred upon him. Ambassadors arrive from the emperor of Blefuscu, and sue for peace. The empress’s apartment on fire by an accident; the author instrumental in saving the rest of the palace.

Sense and Sensibility

Chapter VII

by Jane Austen

Barton Park is a very open and elegant home, and Sir John and his wife are never without a good many guests. Mrs. Jennings and Colonel Brandon are introduced and described.

The Crimson Fairy Book

“To Your Good Health!”

by Andrew Lang

A young shepherd refuses to abide by the laws of the kingdom when the king sneezes. The shepherd survives three perilous trials and refused three magnificent gifts for the hand of the princess in marriage, which he eventually gets out of the king’s frustration.