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Peter Rabbit and Other Stories

β€œGinger and Pickles”

by Beatrix Potter

This book tells the story of shopkeepers Ginger, a tom-cat, and Pickles, a Terrier. They allow their customers credit and are unable to collect enough to pay the bills and subsequently go out of business. Their competition, Tabitha Twitchit, raises her prices once customers are forced to shop there and a few try to compensate by selling some specialized goods with limited success. Eventually, Henny Penny, a hen, reopens the shop.

American Short Fiction

Pigs is Pigs

by Ellis Parker Butler

Railway agent Mike Flannery wants to charge the livestock rate for a shipment of two guinea pigs. He refuses to accept the lower pet rate saying “Pigs is Pigs.” The grumbling customer complains to the railway company. Meanwhile while the guinea pigs reproduce and eat in Flannery’s stationhouse.