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Jane Eyre

Chapter XXIV

by Charlotte Brontë

Preparations for Jane and Rochester’s wedding do not run smoothly. Mrs. Fairfax treats Jane coldly because she doesn’t realize that Jane was already engaged to Rochester when she allowed him to kiss her. But even after she learns the truth, Mrs. Fairfax maintains her disapproval of the marriage. Jane feels unsettled, almost fearful, when Rochester calls her by what will soon be her name, Jane Rochester. Jane explains that everything feels impossibly ideal, like a fairy-tale or a daydream. Rochester certainly tries to turn Jane into a Cinderella-like figure: he tells her he will dress her in jewels and in finery befitting her new social station, at which point Jane becomes terrified and self-protective. She has a premonitory feeling that the wedding will not happen, and she decides to write her uncle, John Eyre, who is in Madeira. Jane reasons that if John Eyre were to make her his heir, her inheritance might put her on more equal footing with Rochester, which would make her feel less uncomfortable about the marriage.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Book Sixth, Chapter 3

by Victor Hugo

As Quasimoto awaits punishment, two Parisian women and a country woman compare the pillories of Paris and Reims before stopping to see a performance by Esmeralda. The country woman tells the story of Paquette-la-Chanterfleurie and her child. The women pay a tribute to the recluse.

The Jungle

Chapter 31

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis pleads Marija to quit the brothel, but she refuses. Jurgis attends a Socialist Party function the day before nationwide election. Election results show promise for the socialist movement.


Chapter 6

by Sinclair Lewis

George and a client take a tour of a local tenement. George meets his father-in-law to ensure a good price on a future purchase. George decides to have a conversation about "morals" with his son.